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Oliver Borden

Oliver L. Borden. MS, MLS (ASCP)

The School of Health Sciences currently includes nine programs allowing students to earn degrees in 1) Nursing, 2) Dental Hygiene, 3) Health Information Technology, 4) Physical Therapist Assistant, 5) Surgical Technology, 6) Respiratory Therapist, 7) Medical or Clinical Laboratory Technology, 8) In the Fall of 2013 we accepted students into our new AAS in Applied Health Sciences program, Occupational Therapy Assistant. OTA began its' first class in the fall of 2013. Please contact the director, Kay Peters, at 505-566-3527 or if you are interested in the OTA program. Since Medical Laboratory Technology is my profession, let me say that many of the technologies of this profession are those used by scientists in the very popular crime scene investigation shows (CSI).

As education changes, San Juan College continues to offer flexibility in curriculum. For example, the Physical Therapy Assistant program is offered online and by the traditional classroom method. Health Information Technology (HIT) includes two specialties: the coding certificate and an AAS in HIT. Both are available online. Additionally, many of our classes are hybrids, which include both online and traditional classroom aspects.

If you are wondering why you should choose a career in Allied Health or Nursing, (together, these programs are known as Health Sciences) two reasons are: first, all our majors are projected to have a minimum of 18 percent growth and most will experience growth in excess of 26 percent. Two drivers of this are major retirement of the baby boomer generation. Additionally,  that generation is the largest group of plus-65 patients in U.S. History. This equates to job security through the next 20 years or more. The second reason is the satisfaction you experience in being a member of the health care delivery team. Your job will change lives for the better on a daily basis.

In the School of Health Sciences our outstanding faculty prepares you to pass local, regional, and national boards. This gives you the opportunity to obtain a high paying job ($18/$36 per hour) locally or any place throughout the country and even overseas. This translates into jobs that range from the $36,000 through $70,000 plus to start. The only fields currently experiencing growth during this recession are the Health Sciences; in fact, estimates are 50% of all new jobs are in the Health Sciences.

Our new Nursing Simulation Center is operational. Here students will experience the latest and most innovative teaching technology. Students will practice simulations in “real life” situations that will test and reinforce the many skills required in their chosen profession.

As we expand to serve our community, we have added:

1. Pharmacy Technology will be available again during each Fall and Spring semester,  contact Vickie at 505-566-3491 or Paulette at 505-566-3851. You will need to pass a math test and take Medical Terminology prior to admission. Seats are limited to 12.

2. An Occupational Therapy Assistant program is in the first cohort stages. Kay Peters, MOT, joined us in July 2012 and is busy completing OTA accreditation process to launch our program.  If you would like advising for this program please call Jackie at 505-566-3849 to schedule an appointment.

Classes for the Health Information Technology, Medical Laboratory Technician, Physical Therapist Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Surgical Technology and Respiratory programs are located in the new Heath Science Simulation Center.  Additionally, their faculty and staff offices are located on the Administrative side of the HSSC along with the Dean's office.  Dental, Outdoor Leadership (OLER), Nursing and OTA are located in the Health and Human Performances Center along with their faculty and staff offices.

When looking for a career, only attend Health Science programs that are accredited.  Eight of our programs are fully accredited while one of our new programs is going through the process. These accreditations ensure that you can sit for certification and/or licensure. Currently, half of our majors are experiencing 100% pass rates on their national exams.

Are you still in High School?  Contact your schools Technical Education guidance counselor for Dual Credit Health Science courses; Dual Credit courses are held here at San Juan College, the West campus and online.  We offer courses in Medical Terminology (the language of medicine) and Certified Nursing Assistant to help you get a head start in your career in health care.

Starting July 7th, 2014 Accuplacer testing will be at the San Juan College Testing Center located in the Information Technology Center Room 7120D

To schedule an exam appointment and complete the preregistration, go to the Testing Center webpage ( ). In the blue box, click on ACCUPLACER. Follow the step-by-step instructions. If you have any questions please contact the Testing Center at 505-566-3139. If you are interested.  Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the keys that will open the door to these exciting careers. 

No matter which path you choose here at San Juan College, you will begin a journey that will generate lifelong opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Finally, as a veteran, I invite all our veteran's to consider us as they re-career and move on to serve in a new arena.

We hope to see you soon and will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


Oliver L Borden
505-566-3490 or

Vickie  Rothlisberger
Administrative Assistant
505-566-3491 or

For more information, please call Dean, Dr. Teddy Farias at (505) 566-3490. Or send an email to