Service Learning Highlights of Fall 2012:


In the Fall semester, 650 students registered for Service Learning, 150 more than in the previous semester. Service Learning at SJC is certainly growing, thanks to the efforts of many faculty and students.

Weatherization project 2012

This year the Community Weatherization Project took place on Friday, October 19, and Saturday, October 20.    The event was hosted by the Service Learning Program and the Volunteer Center.

Service Learning Students and Community Volunteers helped Senior Citizens from San Juan County to weatherize their homes so that they will stay warm in the coming winter. We collected information through applications to select qualified senior citizens. The selected applicants had their homes weatherized for winter for free. We provided basic Weatherization, sealing the windows with plastic, weatherstripping around windows and doors, and caulking. These little things can make a big difference.

This year we worked with a group of 120 SJC students and volunteers to weatherize 65 homes in San Juan County. We thank much of the success to the commitment of Murdoch Maloney's class "Principles of Management". These students learned all about project management by organizing the Weatherization days. They divided the class in four groups: clients, volunteers, donations/fundraising and supplies. Each group worked hard to be ready for 'Gameday' . Through shared responsibility and dedication they pulled off the entire project and did a great job!

We received many heartwarming comments from the recipients, this project really makes a difference in the life of all the people who were involved. I already look forward to next year and expand this project to more students, so that we can help more senior citizens.


Weatherization Project October 2009
Weatherization Project October 2009
Weatherization Project October 2010
Weatherization Project October 2010


Service Learning Highlights of Spring 2012:


480 Students registered for Service Learning in the Spring semester. Our numbers keep increasing! The students volunteered at 95 host sites in our area. Popular host sites were: Schools, Aztec Ruins, Boys and Girls Clubs, Child Care centers, Echo Foodbank, and our 'own' Spring Yard Clean up.

Spring Yard Clean up, 2012.

The annual Spring Yard Clean up was organized by the students of Murdoch Maloney's class "Principles of Management". The group was very ambitious and managed to find 100 volunteers/Service Learning students to do garden work for 75 senior citizens in San Juan County on April 13 and 14. The weather was fine on Friday, but Saturday around noon we ended up in a blizzard (in mid April!), so that we had to stop early. The students were so committed to getting the job done, that they went back to finish the yards later in the week.

The students had organized themselves in groups. The groups were: Donations, Operations, Clients, Pick-up. After the initial oganizational hick-ups, they put together a very will run event. Many volunteers  and clients commented on the high quality of the organization and leadership by the Management students. This group truly learned the 'Principles of Management' by actually taking on a big event from A to Z!


The Maze: Wellness Fair at Navajo Prep.

For the second year the Nursing students collaborated with Navajo Prep and organized a Wellness Fair for this High School in Farmington. They set up booths around all kind of wellness topics, like Healthy nutrition, Substance abuse, STD's, Depression etc. All the booths were interactive, and the High Schoolers enjoyed the fun and educational activities. The Fair was set up with the Navajo wellness model in mind. It was a wonderful event, both for the Nursing students and the High School students.


Technical Writing, English 218.

Service Learning Awards, 2012.

On April 19 we handed out the Service Learning Awards, during a festive reception organized by the Volunteer Center and the Service Learning Program:

Individual Award: Alma Chavez. Alma is a dual credit student who took a class in Sociology in the Spring and did her Service Learning assignment with the Farmington Police Explorer Program. According to her instructor Pat Senecal, Alma did a great job in connecting Service Learning to the content of Sociology. In Alma's words: "I became aware of my surroundings, how to analyze people, not to discriminate against different cultures or beliefs, I observed that though we are all humans, we all have a different approach and we have to deal with everyone at their level of understanding".

The Group Award was awarded to the Principles of Management Class, Fall 2011. This class organized the Fall Weatherization project (see above) in a very professional manner.

The Host site award went to Navajo Prep school. This local High School has been a very inspiring and reliable partner for the Nursing students and their instructors.

The Faculty award went to Mr. Murdoch Maloney. Murdoch implements Service Learning in almost all his classes: Marketing, Leadership and Groupdynamics, Principles of Management, and Independent courses. He gives his students a lot of responsibility, so that they can take 'ownership',  and he supports them where needed. The students appreciate his didactical approach.


Student experiences

Math Student:

"I really just enjoy tutoring in middle student has gone from making a 45% at best on her test to a stable 75%...Her finals are this next week and she is actually facing them with a confidence that I had yet to see in her this far. That is more than enough payment for me. Thank you for having that option available to us. It helped my confidence and allowed me to give just a little bit more for calculus, and with that effort, I think I have finally understood what I needed for this class".

Marketing Student:

"I learned that there are very many aspects to marketing an event, and that communication is extremely important". 

Sociology Student:

"I really feel this was a great opportunity because I plan on going into the field of Social Work, and now I feel I've got a good idea of what I am going to expect".



The students of this Technical Writing class were given the Service Learning assignment to write a brochure for either Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Sherrif's Office 'Volunteer in Partnership' Program, or Desert View counseling. Each individual student had to make a brochure. All the brochures were presented to the client-organization. The client picked the brochure they liked the best, and they will use this brochure in their future work. This assignment was a great way to increase the motivation of the students, as this was a 'real life' assignment. They all worked very hard and were dedicated to develop a professional brochure.