San Juan College Mobile Access

Mobile Access (MOX)San Juan College Mobile Access (MOX) is a fully integrated mobile app for Colleague applications. With MOX, students, faculty and staff can have anytime access to the important information they need -- courses, events, notifications, news, maps, and more.

MOX can access both public and personal data. Public data includes general SJC information, important numbers, news, events and maps. Personal data can be accessed with your SJC username and password and includes the campus directory, classes and personal notifications.

MOX is available on the following mobile devices:


MOX Features


See a list of your courses for each term and click into each course to get detailed information including course description, professors, location and time, class roster, assignments, announcements, and events.

MOX Courses



Browse or search to find students, faculty, or staff – important contact information for each is provided.

MOX Directory



Messages are pushed to the app and you can drill into each to get details. Notifications can include personal messages from the institution like "Library Book Past Due."

MOX Notifications



View public news from the San Juan College website home page.

MOX News



Easily locate buildings and look for classrooms.

MOX Maps