A.        GENERAL 

The college shall make available the Hepatitis B (HBV) vaccine to all employees who have potential occupational exposure, consistent with OSHA guidelines. A post-exposure follow-up will be given to employees who have had an exposure incident. 

SJC shall ensure that all medical evaluations and procedures, including the Hepatitis B vaccine, post-exposure follow-up and protective measures are:

  1. Made available at no cost to the employee:

  2. Made available to the employee while on duty, at a reasonable time and place;

  3. Performed by or under the supervision of a licensed physician or by or under the supervision of another appropriate licensed health care professional; and

  4. Provided according to the recommendations of the U.S. Public Health Service.

All laboratory tests shall be conducted by an accredited laboratory at no cost to the employee.



All employees who have been identified as having possible exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials will be offered the Hepatitis B vaccine, at no cost to the employee.  The vaccine will be offered within 10 working days of their initial assignment to work involving the potential for occupational exposure, unless the employee has previously had the vaccine or who wishes to submit to antibody testing which shows the employee to have sufficient immunity. 

If the employee initially declines Hepatitis B vaccination but at a later date, while still covered under the standard decides to accept the vaccination, the vaccination shall then be made available. 

All employees who decline the Hepatitis B vaccination offered shall sign the OSHA required declination form indicating their refusal. 

If a routine booster dose of Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended by the U.S. Public Health Service at a future date, such booster doses shall also be made available.




An exposure incident is described as a specific skin, eye, mucous membrane, or puncture wound contact with blood from another person or other potentially infectious material. 

All exposure incidents shall be reported and documented.  When an employee incurs an exposure incident, it shall be reported immediately to the Supervisor on duty, who shall report it to Personnel (so that it may be investigated). 

Following a report of an exposure incident, the exposed employee shall receive a confidential medical evaluation and follow-up, including at least the following elements: 

a.         Documentation of the route of exposure, and the circumstances under which the exposure incident occurred. 

b.         Identification and documentation of the source individual, unless it can be established that identification is infeasible or prohibited by state or local law. 

c.         The source individual's blood shall be tested as soon as feasible and after consent is obtained in order to determine HBV, HCV, and HIV infectivity.  When the source individual's consent is not required by law, the source individual's blood, if available, shall be tested and the results documented. 

d.         When the source individual is already known to be infected with HBV, HCV, or HIV, testing for the source individual's known status need not be repeated. 

e.         Results of the source individual's testing shall be made available to the exposed employee, and the employee shall be informed of applicable laws and regulations concerning disclosure of the identity and infectious status of the source individual. 


The Supervisor shall ensure that the Health Care Professional is provided with the following: 

  1. A written description of the exposed employee's duties as they relate to the exposure incident;

  2. Written documentation of the route of exposure and circumstances under which exposure occurred; 

  3. Results of the source individual's blood testing, if already available; and 

  4. All medical records relevant to the appropriate treatment of the employee, including vaccination status. 

All employees who incur an exposure incident will be offered post-exposure evaluation counseling and follow-up in accordance with the OSHA standard.  All post-exposure follow-ups will be performed by the Health Care Professional  or designee.



The Health Care Professional shall obtain and provide the employee with a copy of the written opinion within 15 days of the completion of the evaluation.


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