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Explore Careers

Explore Careers

Before you enroll in a degree program at any college or university, you need a career plan. Then you can pick a major that helps you get a job in that career. Sounds easy, right? Or maybe it sounds overwhelming because you're unsure about what kind of job you'd like to do, or what job you'd even be good at.

We've put together the following steps to help you come up with answers. Have fun!


Step 1: Take a Personal Inventory

When searching for a major or a career that fits, it’s helpful to assess your interests (what you like to do), skills (what you are good at), work values (what is important to you), and your personality (what personal tendencies do you have). You should also consider how much time and money you have to invest, and whether or not you’re able to relocate to pursue your career goals.


Still confused and overwhelmed? Feel like you have too many interests? Sometimes it helps to sit down and talk with someone. An Academic Advisor can make some suggestions and get you started or help you focus your search. Call the Advising & Counseling Center at (505) 566-3404 to make an appointment.

Step 2: Research Careers

Finding an appropriate potential career will require research and reflection. Have you selected an academic program? Do you know what you can do for a living with your major? Once you find that out, learn about different jobs in your field, the working conditions, employment outlook, and required skills and experience. Will you need a certificate or degree? An Associates, Bachelors or beyond? You might want to talk to people in that field to learn more about what that job is really like. Learning as much as you can about careers you’re interested in will help you rule out some career paths and focus on others.


Step 3: Experience Careers

The best way to know if you are going to enjoy a potential career is to get experience in that field. Sign up for service learning, an internship, a mentoring or job-shadowing program, or become a volunteer. Our Career Center is here to help you get connected with businesses in the community.

Step 4: Reflect

Take time to reflect on everything you’ve learned about yourself and the careers you’re interested in. List the pros and cons for each career and see which one fits you the best.

Step 5: Plan

Once you’ve decided on a career, begin to plan the steps on how you’re going to get there. Will on-the-job training help you get where you need to be? What will make you more marketable in your field? Contact the Career Center to plan your transition from college to career or from one job or career field to another.




For more information, please call The Transfer Center at 505-566-3983. Or send an email to transfer@sanjuancollege.edu.