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Gary Williams
Department Office of Technology Services
Office 7206 - IT Building
Phone 505-566-3165
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Degrees Received

  • AAS Information Technology with Internet Emphasis - San Juan College
  • Master CIW Designer - Certified Internet Webmasters
  • Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional - Microsoft


I started as a student at San Juan College in the Fall semester of 2000. Pursuing a degree in Information Technology with an Internet Emphasis, I received my Associates papers in April 2006.

During my last year of studies, I served as a work-study in Web-Services. I was hired as a full-time Web Technician in January 2007 where I have been serving the needs of San Juan College since.


I have had the pleasure of working with several web-related projects since the beginning. Some projects have fizzled out, but several have grown and evolved through the years.

The Tier 1 profile system is the project I worked on as an intern. This is the database used to update and generate faculty and staff profiles on the website. I programmed the entire administration interface myself. The first version seems so primitive compared to the system it has morphed into today.

SpamTrap was the earliest big project I was involved with as a full-time technician. Before my arrival, the web-forms were hammered by automated bots and spam. After much research and taking several attack methods into consideration, the first iteration of SpamTrap was born. The President no longer had so sift through mountains of gibberish and viagra ads just to get to what is important. SpamTrap has since been through two more major revisions. The latest revision is a fully self-sufficient object whose sole purpose is to scrutinize the details of the web-forms it is attached to.

The Virtual Tour was in it's infancy in my early days at San Juan College. As a student, sometimes it was difficult to find where certain room numbers were. That is no longer the case with today's Virtual Tour. This has been a collaborative effort, with still many possibilities.

One of the main features of any large website is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) area. Though there were a few pages across the San Juan College website with FAQs on them, there was no type of consistency. Each looked like it's own thing and acted differently as people interacted with it. I was given a list of FAQs to update one day and that's when the data-driven FAQs system started. I now have a system in place where a small snippet of code can be placed anywhere within our website, and authorized users can log into the administration area to update lists and share questions.

Standard Program Sites was born out of the necessity to keep information updated in a consistent way while providing a standard look and feel to program sites. Certain codes and regulations we are required to abide by have been worked into to the system and the Tier 1 system mentioned earlier has also been integrated in.

These are just a few of the exciting opportunities I have been priveleged to work with.


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