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How do you choose a College?

We have a worksheet to help you find Your Ideal College. It has categories you should consider as you evaluate different colleges: academics, student life, location, and support services offered.

You'll be more successful at a college that matches your personal goals, interests, and style.

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Questions for Reps

What questions should you ask College Representatives?

You'll have many opportunities to talk with College Representatives here on campus. Whether it's in person or over the phone, be ready with your list of questions. We've put together a list to get you started, but feel free to add others.

Remember to ask the Rep to confirm the answers they've given you - in writing!

Transfer Agreements

Check out our Transfer Agreements with Four-Year Institutions

San Juan College has transfer agreements in place with these four-year institutions. You might want to consider these colleges because certain programs of study will transfer smoothly, making it possible for you to graduate with your Bachelor's degree in the shortest possible time.



For more information, please call The Transfer Center at 505-566-3983. Or send an email to transfer@sanjuancollege.edu.