GED New Student Orientation and Pre-testing

New students are students who have been out of the program for longer than 6 months.

All new students must attend a new student orientation and pre-test before begin registered in GED class.

New student orientation is on a first come, first served basis.

Numbers will be given to the first 40 individuals for orientation on Tuesdays at 11 AM. If you do not receive a number, you can return on the following Tuesday to repeat the same process.

Students MUST bring a VALID GOVERNMENT ISSUED PICTURE ID to receive a number. A Government issued ID is one of the following:

  • State ID
  • State Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Tribal ID
  • Military ID


Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 GED Registration & Testing Schedule

Student Contract

Student Classroom Policies

Student Conduct Policies

Normas De Conducta De Los Estudiantes