Program Outcomes

Knowledge, Skills, and Values Consistent With the Science and Application of Psychology

  1. Knowledge Base of Psychology
    Students will demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, ethical issues and historical trends in psychology.
  2. Research Methods in Psychology
    Students will identify basic research methods in psychology.
  3. Critical Thinking Skills in Psychology
    Students will use critical and creative thinking and skeptical inquiry to understand problems related to behavior and mental processes.
  4. Application of Psychology
    Students will understand and apply psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues.
  5. Sociocultural Awareness
    Students will recognize, understand, and respect the complexity of sociocultural diversity.
  6. Communication Skills
    Students will communicate effectively in a variety of formats using the terminology and conventions of the field of psychology.
  7. Information and Technological Literacy
    Students will demonstrate information competence and the ability to use computers and other technology for various purposes and applications.

*Adapted from:  APA GUIDELINES FOR THE UNDERGRADUATE PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR: APA Board of Educational Affairs Task Force on Psychology Major Competencies (2006).

Goals were revised to reflect outcomes achieved by community college students.

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