List all job classifications, which have occupational exposure.  "Occupational Exposure" is defined as "reasonably anticipated" exposure to potentially infectious materials (as defined herein) at least once a month because of job responsibilities, or in connection with REQUIRED ancillary job responsibilities (e.g., first aid, CPR) that would likely involve such exposure. 

Job Classification

Associated Task (Examples)

Biology Faculty

Culture procedures/use of “sharps”

Nursing Program Faculty

Drawing blood, other use of sharps

Dental Program Faculty

Exposure to saliva in dental procedures

Physical Therapy Faculty

First Aid responsibilities

Cosmetology Program Faculty

Use of sharps/First Aid responsibilities

Fitness Trainers

First Aid responsibilities

Criminal Justice Program/Police Academy Trainers

CPR/First Aid demonstrations/responsibilities

Intramural/Recreation Coordinators

First Aid responsibilities

Wellness Center Coordinators and other HHPC Staff

First Aid responsibilities

Child Care Workers/Early Childhood Development Teachers

Cleanup of body fluids/First Aid responsibilities

Safety and Security Officers

Emergency Responders/CPR/First Aid/handling Biohazard Waste

Custodians and Custodial Supervisors

Handling Biohazard Waste

Maintenance Staff (e.g., Plumbers)

Exposure to body fluids in piping/Emergency Response

Health and Safety Officers

Handling Biohazard Waste/Emergency Response

 *PLEASE NOTE:  If you feel that your job classification falls under the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, with "occupational exposure" as defined herein, but is not listed above, please complete the following form ("Hepatitis B Occupational Risk Assessment Form"),  and return it to the San Juan College Environmental Health Office.


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