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Life Skills

This module is currently being updated, check back soon for more information.

Time Management

This section is about time block scheduling and focuses in on the time management needed to complete college courses. Check out this resource at Study Guides and Strategies ( it has a great daily and weekly planner as well as other time management resources.

Integrating Personal Life and College Career

This section, when finished, will offer you suggestions on integrating your commitments such as work, family, and social with class and study time. 

Personal Responsibilities

This section, when finished, will explain Academic Policies and Student Code of Conduct.  Are you an online student?  Check out online student expectations for information on what SJC expects of you and what you can expect from SJC.

Financial Responsibilities

This section, when finished, will provide you information on how to be financially prepared to take college classes. Check out the Financial Aid website for more information regarding paying for classes at SJC.


At San Juan College there is help in many areas for our students that assist you along the way to achieving your academic goals.  Below is a list of many of those services; each of the links will open in a new window and will provide you with more information about each program.

ABE/GED           Hispanic/Lation Center
Advising and Counseling Center   Launch Program
Bookstore   Library
Business Office   Native American Center
Campus Computer Labs   Office of Retention
Career Services and Quality Improvement Center   Office of Technology Services (OTS)
Child and Familty Development Center (CFDC)   Public Safety (Security)
Community Learning Center   Service Learning Program
Connections to Student Success (Volunteer Center)   Smart Lab
Disability Services   Student Activities
East Campus   Talent Search
EDGE Program   Testing Center
Enlace   Transition Center
Enrollment Services (Admissions and Records)   Tutoring (Student Success Center)
Family Resource Center (FRC)   Veteran's Center
Fast Forward Program   Volunteer Center
Financial Aid Office   West Campus
Health and Human Performance Center (HHPC)   Writing Center (Student Success Center)
Help Desk    


Understanding Your Transcripts

This section, when finished, will describe grades, describe the different information on your transcript, describe what a W is and your GPA.  You will also learn how to print an unofficial transcript using WebAdvisor.

Program Evaluation

This section, when finished, will describe how to use WebAdvisor to print a Program Evaluation as well as describe the information you can gather from a program evaluation.

Text Books

This section, when finished, will describe how to obtain your books and the process for ordering and receiving your books.

This link takes you to the SJC Bookstore webpage with some brief and general information:, This link takes you to the “actual” Bookstore Webpage where you can see what books your course(s) require as well as purchase them.  If you will be using your financial aid to pay for your books; check out Financial Aid's page for Book Charging at


For more information or to receive assistance
please contact the Office of Retention at 505-566-3378 or