The History and Culture of England and Scotland
14 May 2013 – 30 May 2013

Experience the magic and wonder of England and Scotland on a tour from London to Edinburgh.  This trip led by Dr. Kelly Robison and Dr. Mike Hattabaugh will examine the history and culture of the land of King Arthur, Robin Hood and William Wallace.  We will be spending much of the time in the beautiful English countryside, enjoy the thick accents, enchanted castles, and green hillsides.  In this course we will exam the history and cultural developmentof England and Scotland from the Bronze Age through the present.  Through course readings, but most especially through visiting museums and place of historical interests, students should become aware of the broad outline of English and Scottish history.  

Cost - $3000 with in-state tuition

This is a 6 credit hour honors learning community

For more information, contact:

Dr. Mike Hattabaugh

Dr. Kelly Robison