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Local and State Resources

New Mexico Workforce Connections

Job seekers, including recent graduates, are encouraged to go onto this State of New Mexico job search site and register for qualifying jobs in San Juan County and the entire state. Create your profile and upload up to 20 field-specific resumes to apply for jobs and receive job referrals. Instructions are also located at the SJC Career Center.


Recommended for students looking for part-time and temporary employment while in school.

SJC Career Center - Job Postings

Employers that have made connections with the SJC Career Center to advertise job openings.

Temp and Staffing Agencies

Employee Connections
2910 E. 20th Suite 101
Farmington, NM
Connects workers with temporary assignments and temp-to-hire positions with the possibility of becoming permanent. Accepts candidates interested in all fields including office services, industrial, labor and professional fields. Visit Employee Connections between the hours of 9AM and 1PM, Monday - Friday. Dress professionally, bring your resume, two forms of ID, and expect the application process to take at least an hour, including a short training video.

SOS Employment Group

A completely online application process for adults 18 and older for several fields including administrative, trades, technology and engineering. Over 157 nation-wide sites (including Farmington, NM) with opportunity  to transfer around the country. Visit the company webpage and go to ‘Find a Position’ to get started.

  Online Job and Internship Search Engines



 Type in your desired job title or company name and receive a job opening list that compiles all online job vacancies and announcements from several online sources. Search by specific city or nationally.
 Career Builder
 Another powerful job search engine. Search by job title, key words, specific company or field-speciic category. Click on the ‘Advice and Resources’ tab for many articles and resources on career building and job hunting.
Internships are an integral part of career building and sometimes a necessary stepping-stone to land that perfect job. Consider an internship for your summer job or an entry-level position. Search for internships by ‘Keyword or Major’ and ‘Location’. Be sure to expand your search to the Albuquerque, NM area and beyond for best results.
Veterans Green Jobs
An organization dedicated to transitioning and connecting military veterans with meaningful employment opportunities that serve the communities and environment. On this site, go to the tab ‘Programs’ then ‘Employment Program’ then click ‘Fill out an interest form.


Highly recommended!  Create profile to connect with colleagues, work acquaintances, teachers, classmates, past employers and any other professional contacts.
Linkedin Guide for Student Jobs
Instructions for using
Tweet MyJobs
Serving great Job matches, where you want them, when you want them.

Other Online Resources

My Next Move
What do you want to do for a living?
Provided by the department of Education.

What are the best/worst companies to work for?  Employees are the experts in writing critiques about the companies they work for. 
Lists the top 25 companies.