Discover careers that best match your interests

The Career Center recommends starting with the Career Connect tool to find the careers that San Juan College offers that match your skills and interests.  This is the tool the Career Center uses to help students focus in on their career selection.

The Career Center's Career Assessment Tool

Need Instructions?
Access Code is "SanJuan"

Complete the Career Connect five "Self Assessments" to match your with career selection with the SJC degree and certificate programs. 

Take the assessment first, then set up an appointment to discuss the results.

 Work Interest Assessment
  Personality Assessment
  Skills Assessment
  Values Assessment
  Leisure Interest Assessment



Live Career  Career Interest Test, Resume Test, Start a Business Test.
 If asked to receiving information from various schools, hit “no thanks” to complete the test.
My Next Move  What do you want to do for a living?
Career Path  Free career test:  What job is right for you?
Job Diagnosis  Free Career Testing
Assessment / MAPP  Find you true career interests and motivations.
My Plan  What can I do with a major in . . . ?
My Skills / My Future  Build a bridge to your new career
O'Net Online  A resource with occupational information
Career One Stop  Tools for exploring careers, self-assessments, and employment trends
Big Future  Changing careers?  Major and Career profiles.
What Can I Do With This Major  What can I do with this major?  Sponsored by the University of Tennessee.