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Center for Teaching Excellence

Spring 2014 San Juan Scholars Seminars

Thursday, January 23
Callie Vanderbilt

Nepal: Or What I Did on My Summer Vacation
Tuesday, February 4
Michael Clark
Taylor Haskell
Helping Students Reduce Test Anxiety
February 13
Rich Friedman

Geospatial Technologies Help Create New Visions of the Past: New Views of the Chacoan Landscape

Nepal is an astoundingly diverse country, both in landscape and population. I will talk about my travels through the lowlands in the wet season and trek to the hidden mountain kingdom of Mustang.

Science and mathematics are areas of study and knowledge which transcend cultures, geography and time periods. We explore a fascinating thread of scientific inquiry that connects the technologies of today to work done by mathematicians in ancient Greece. Come learn about the amazing properties of conic sections - the geometric curves we call circles, ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas - and their many applications.

A highlight of recent research being conducted on the Chaco Anasazi landscape, and new insights revealed from that research. The use of advanced computer technologies is enabling the rebuilding and visualization of the pre-Columbian landscape piece by piece. The presentation will highlight how these technologies are enabling researchers to document and visualize these valuable cultural resources in ways that are simply not possible using traditional methods.

February 25
Doug Coyner
Our Freedoms
March 4
John Fisher

Reading Strategies: Theories and Strategies
A Step Toward Sustainability
March 20
Dr. Andrea Cooper

Ethnicity and Impressions of Personality Using the Five-Factor Model: Stereotyping or Cultural Sensitivity

Can a State Pass Laws Denying One of Our Fundamental Rights? The First Ten Amendments (The Bill of Rights) to the United States Constitution and State Governments: The Long Road from Equal Protection to Free Speech to the Right of Counsel to Birth Control to Miranda to Abortion to the Right to Bear Arms. Is there anything left to protect?

In any subject, when students encounter reading difficulty they often shut down their reading processes. Come learn about the difficulty paper assignment, an assignment designed to transform reading difficulty into opportunities for more engagement with texts. I will present my research into the effectiveness of the difficulty paper, as well as concrete strategies to motivate your students to engage effectively with difficult texts.

The current research investigates whether communities use ethnicity as a cue when forming personality impressions of others. The results clearly suggest that people utilize ethnicity as a cue when forming impressions of the personalities of groups and individuals, and although those impressions are exaggerated consistent with stereotype theory, they may confer some utility in interpersonal perceptions across cultures.

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