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Center for Teaching Excellence

Spring 2014 San Juan Scholars Seminars

Thursday, September 11
Chris Strouthopoulos
San Juan College's Solar Service Project in Tibet

October 2
Nancy Mike, Michael Thompson and Harry Walters
Adapting the Dine Philosophy Paradigm
October 8
Alicia Skipper
The Multi-Genre Research Project:  Beat the Research Paper Blues


This past summer SJC completed its second solar service project in Tibet, where students outfitted solar power in a 600 year old monastery perched on the side of a 25,000 ft. sacred peak. In 2012 the program outfitted a remote village's medical clinic. Come to see pictures, hear stories, and learn about this amazing region of the world!

There are many successful models of effective teaching, including the model that SJC has designed. Because of our location in the Four Corners, we can look to Native American cultures to see a model for life processes that can be compared and contrasted with that educational model. We will compare, contrast, and adapt the Dine philosophy to the effective teaching model.

Do you want to know how to get your students excited about research? Hear about the research and experiences of the presenters in implementing the Multi-Genre Research Project in the classroom. This assignment is appropriate for any discipline requiring research-based writing. Learn about how to get students more invested in their research assignments.

October 10
Bart Womack
The Federal Reserve's $4 Trillion Bet on the Financial Markets

October 4
Doug Coyner
Copyright Protection for College Professors in Face-to-Face and Online Classes
November 6
Dr. Andrea Cooper
Your Colleagues will Save Your Life: A Closer Look at Alliances, Stress, and Health in the Workplace

QE stands for "Quantitative Easing" which the Fed is engaged in to lower interest rates in response to the 2008 recession. This program is unprecedented and has dramatically affected all asset classes including the housing industry and stock prices and will continue to do so for years to come. This presentation is meant to give you the information to separate truth from myth.

Can you copyright your classroom lectures and online presentations? If you can, who owns the copyright and how is it protected? Can students record your classroom lectures? Can they download your online presentations? What can you do to protect your intellectual property?

Research conducted at Hewlett Packard Company explores stgatus, alliances, and health in the workplace. This study suggests that alliances increase predictability and safety in the workplace and thus reduce stress and improve overall health. Types of alliances, gender differences, and other issues are also explored.

November 12,
Carl Bickford
Reduce your Energy Footprint: What are the Options

Carl makes all his own electricity at home off the grid, but what makes sense for the rest of us? From energy consumption, to net-zero homes, to electric vehicles to a brave new world where we are all connected to the “smart” grid.

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