On-line Programs Admission Requirements (for programs offered entirely online)

International Students living outside the United States may enroll in entirely online coursework toward a degree or certificate as part-time or full-time students. Note: Although admission to San Juan College may be granted, some entirely online programs have their own admission criteria that must be met in addition to the Office of Admission criteria. Therefore, admission into the online program is not guaranteed. Students are responsible for contacting the online program for admission criteria. Students do NOT need to be in F-1 visa status to qualify for degree seeking into an entirely online program as long as the student is not living in the United States. The following requirements must be met and the proper accompanying documents (translated in English) must be on file with the Admissions office prior to the first semester of enrollment.
  1. On-line International students must have an official copy of TOEFL score results sent directly to the Admissions and Records office. A minimum score of 61 (internet based) is required before admission will be granted.
    Students from the following countries do NOT have to complete the TOEFL test:
    ·         American Samoa
    ·         Australia
    ·         Bahamas
    ·         Barbados
    ·         Belize
    ·         Canada (except Quebec)
    ·         Dominica
    ·         Grenada
    ·         Grand Cayman
    ·         Guyana
    ·         Ireland
    ·         Jamaica
    ·         Liberia
    ·         New Zealand
    ·         Trinidad/Tobago
    ·         Turks and Caicos Islands
    ·         United Kingdom
    ·         U.S. Pacific Trust
  2. On-line International students must meet all academic eligibility requirements as mandated by the San Juan College academic catalog, including:
  • Must have completed a secondary school and been awarded a diploma. Official secondary school transcripts of all coursework, translated in English, must be provided. These transcripts must be sent directly to the Enrollment Services office from AACRAO at www.ies.aacrao.org.
  • Completion of the Accuplacer (college placement test) to determine course placement. Note: this requirement may be waived if transfer credits from other college courses indicate passing grades in college level math, reading, and English. Credits earned at colleges outside of the United States may be eligible for transfer. To be considered as transfer credits, the credits must be evaluated and translated by AACRAO at www.ies.aacrao.org and sent to San Juan College Enrollment Services Office. The student is responsible for payment of the required fee and for providing all required documentation .
  • Must work with the Advising and Counseling Center on-line advisor for completion of Accuplacer (if needed), class registration, and completion of on-line new student orientation.

3. On-line International students pay non-resident tuition and general fees. Please refer to the current Schedule of Classes for current tuition rates.

4. If at any point on-line International students wish change to regular degree seeking on-campus admission status, they will need to satisfy all the “regular degree seeking on-campus admission requirements” stated above.