New Veteran Student

If this is your first time using G.I. Bill educational benefits at San Juan College carefully read the following steps and instructions.  All requirements must be met before we can certify your enrollment with the VA. Note the forms and documents that you must collect, copy and submit to our office.

Before beginning, you should select the program best suited for your needs and situation.  You can review the various assistance programs at the G.I. Bill website.

Steps to using your G.I. Bill benefits at San Juan College

  1. Start by downloading the New Veteran Student Checklist and Certification Form. It includes all the following steps PLUS the Certification Form which must be signed and stored in your file. 

  2. Apply by using your chosen benefit plan  VONAPP.   Shortly after applying you will receive an Eligibility Letter from the VA that will provide additional details regarding your eligibility.

  3. Submit a copy of your Eligibility Letter to the Veteran Center/VA Official.

  4. Apply for Admission to San Juan College; take the Accuplacer placement test (if necessary); and attend a San Juan College New Student Orientation.  More information on the admissions' process can be reviewed on the Enrollment Services website.  Be sure to check out the Military Friendly Policy to see if you qualify for other benefits.

  5. Submit a copy of your Accuplacer scores.  San Juan College uses the Accuplacer test to help students get into the classes where they are most likely to succeed. You will meet with a SJC Academic Counselor to discuss the results of your test. The VA will only approve classes based on the Accuplacer scores and your degree requirements.

  6. Submit a copy of your Degree Plan and Class Schedule.  Your degree plan outlines the courses needed to earn a degree in your selected major.  Your class schedule consists of the classes that you have registered for, and will be attending in a particular semester.  The VA will only cover you for classes that are part of your degree plan.  (Also any approved remedial classes and pre-requisite courses.)  Courses outside of your degree plan may be taken but will not be approved for benefits.

  7. Submit a copy of your DD-214. The DD-214 must be signed and contain your discharge status.

  8. Submit copies of your military transcripts and college transcripts of any college you may have attended prior to coming to SJC. Transcripts show classes you have taken and can be used to speed your graduation and save you time and money from repeating courses.  Your military service often earns you college physical education credit, and courses from other post secondary schools may transfer to SJC.  In addition, the VA will not reimburse you for classes you have previously passed.  (If this information is discovered later you may have to pay back benefits.)

  9. Submit a copy of your signed New Veteran Student Checklist and Certification Form to the Veteran Center. Your signature certifies that you have read and understand the steps and your responsibilities. 

Other Student Responsibilities

  • All schedules must be reviewed by the Veteran Center/VA Certifying Official each term before benefits will be provided.
  • The VA will ONLY pay for courses that are required for your program. Courses previously completed with a passing grade, unapproved electives or optional courses cannot be certified.
  • The student is responsible for notifying the Veteran Center/VA Certifying Official of any and all changes to contact information, course schedule or program of study.

San Juan Colleges makes considerable effort to monitor enrollment status but final responsibility for
informing the school of changes that affect your eligibility rests on the student.

The VA and our office makes periodic compliance reviews to verify recipients are properly certified
for program requirements. Repayment of funds may be requested if it is discovered that
the student received benefits for courses they were no longer attending.