Veteran Student Responsibilities & Information

Veteran students receive many considerations while attending San Juan College and with these benefits come certain responsibilities.

Additional Benefits while at SJC

  1. Veterans (and other military) personnel receive tuition discounts and other considerations at the time of admission.  See the Military Friendly Policy.

  2. Students whose courses have been properly approved and certified will be held in classes beyond the drop-for-non-payment date. Certification and all required documents must be complete and submitted.

  3. Students will be provided book charging privileges of up to $500.  Students must have complete certification of courses and not owe any outstanding charges from previous semesters.  Charging is limited to books, tools, and educational related supplies.

Important information

  1. Different G.I. Bill programs pay benefits at different times and different rates.  Be sure to know which program you are under (Ch. 30, Post-9/11, Ch. 31, etc.) and the payment terms.  The school does not determine final payment amounts.

  2. Ch. 33 (Post-9/11) G.I. Bill pays for tuition and fees directly to the school.  Ch. 33 also provides a book stipend up to $750 and monthly BAH payments are sent separately to the student.  The final amount is determined by your enrollment status and by the VA.

  3. Vocational rehab (Ch. 31) students' charges are compiled by the Business Office and the VA is sent a bill for allowable costs.  Students are responsible for any charges not covered by the VA.

  4. Failed, withdrawn, and dropped courses may affect your payment status.  Benefits are affected by last-date-of-attendance (LDA) in a class.  It is IMPORTANT to notify the financial aid office and VA certifying official the moment you stop attending a class.  Failure to do so may cause an overpayment and the VA will request repayment of benefits from you.

Responsibilities of Veteran Students

  1. Students should seek advisement before submitting paperwork or course schedules for certification.  Courses that can be certified for G.I. Bill benefits must be part of your degree requirements.

  2. Students must submit a new class schedule, updated program evaluation, and updated contact information every semester.  Certifying officials will not know to certify you without this information submitted in a timely manner.

  3. Notify the Veteran Center/VA Certifying Official of ANY CHANGES to your schedule, major or contact information.  Failure to submit changes immediately may affect your eligiblity and payments.  In some cases you may be required to repay benefits received. Students must report their last-date-of-attendance (LDA) in a class.  LDA's will be verified and may affect benefit eligibility.

  4. Costs of tuition, fees, and books not covered by direct payments from the VA.  Some programs make payments directly to students. In those cases students must make payments to the school.