Physical Education and Exercise Science

Physical Education and Exercise Science (AA.PHED) 60-64 credit hours

Physical Education Program

San Juan College offers many classes in Health and Wellness for both students and the community.  These activity based classes provide opportunities to promote physical fitness, teach personal training, and improve overall health.  From weight training and nutrition to yoga and dance, there is a wide variety of courses that cater to the individual interests of degree and non-degree seeking students.

In addition, San Juan College offers a two year, transferable Associate of Arts degree.  Areas of interest for this degree include Personal Health and Wellness, Nutrition, and Personal Training, which includes with an opportunity to complete a national Personal Training certification.  The degree combines general education requirements with major courses and comes with an assortment of transfer options.  Classes available for this degree expand not only the individual’s ability and knowledge, but are applicable to teaching, coaching and personal training. 

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