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Administrative Services Protocols

Mission Statement

The Administrative Services Processes Team strives to establish well-defined policies, procedures and processes that advance the strategic plan.


Meetings are held every Wednesday from 1:30 to 3:00 PM in the Purchasing Conference Room. Guests are welcome.

Approved Protocols

Toner Purchase Protocol

Technology Purchase Protocol

Travel Protocol

Food Protocol

State Use Act

Donations Protocol






Team Membership

Frank Cole, Purchasing,Chair (505)566-3084          Denisa Knutson, Admin Svcs, Co-Chair (505)566-3253

Eileen Shelton, Support Services (505)566-3680    Shelley Pickett, Risk Management (505)566-3454

Leslie Saavedra, Fast Forward (505)566-3981       Judy Hale, School of Trades & Technology (505)566-3339

Crystal Etsitty, Launch Program (505)566-3850      Cynthia Painter, Vet Tech (505)566-4047              

Vickie Rothlisberger, School of Health Sciences  Aurelia Begay, Grants Development & Compliance

       (505)566-3491                                                       (505)566-3573

Marcia Sterling, Student Activities (505)566-3588  James Ross, Office of Technology Services (505)566-3072

Steve Miller, Business Office (505)566-3254          Darlene Wilson, Purchasing (505)566-3082