Technology Leadership Conference 2014

Conference Track

September 18

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Test Fest and Training

Testing Center

MOS Office 2013 TestFest

• We will open up 15 seats for each of the five time slots for a total of 75 seats:

  • 8:30
  • 10:00
  • 11:30
  • 1:00
  • 2:30

We will charge each candidate a $25.00 proctor fee.

Room 1019 (Suns)

MOS Word 2013 –Lynn Lane

  • 8:30 Word Core Review (Exam 77-418)
  • 10:00 – Excel Core Review (Exam 77-420)
  • 11:30 – PowerPoint Review (Exam 77-422)

MOS 2013 are revamped based on a project-based exam. You will be given a document/spreadsheet/presentation file and a checklist of skills to perform on that file. This quick 2:22 video details MOS certification exams, including benefits of certification, how the exams work, and how to become a Certiport Authorized Testing Center and deliver the exams. It is available for viewing on the Certiport website under MOS Exam Demo, can be downloaded from the CAP Portal and from the Certiport Marketing Resource Library under MOS, and is also posted to Certiport’s YouTube Channel under "Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Demo".

Lunch & Learn
11:30 to 12:45 Room 9000

Ian Mendoza-Soto/Dell

Dell Back-ups, Disaster Recovery, Virtualization, Dell Storage, Dell Servers, Security, Back-Ups.

1:00 to 3:00 pm Room 9000

Mike Euler and Matt Belfoure /VMWare

VMWare Horizon End User Freedom. Virtual Workspace: Secure access to all my resources – Anywhere, Anytime. Extend the power of virtualization from the data center to devices. VMware® Horizon 6 delivers virtualized or remoted desktops and applications through a single platform to end users. These desktop and application services—including RDS hosted apps, packaged apps with VMware ThinApp®, SaaS apps, and even virtualized apps from Citrix— can all be accessed from one unified workspace across devices, locations, media and connections. Leveraging closed loop management and optimized for the software - defined data center, Horizon 6 helps IT control, manage and protect all of the Windows resources end users want, at the speed they expect, with the efficiency business demands.

3:00 – 4:30 pm

Apple – Room 101 (Suns)

"Enhancing Higher Education with Mobile Technology."

How do we teach in this mobile, digital learning environment and connect with our students the way they want to learn? How do you keep up with teaching technology in this ever changing environment? Let us help answer that question for you. Come and engage in a conversation with Apple and your colleagues from around the region to see how our tools will, not only help your faculty and students survive, but provide a personalized learning environment that supports creativity, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking as a means to transform the way teachers teach and students learn.

September 19

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7:45 – 8:30 am Registration & Breakfast Henderson Fine Arts 9000 rooms

8:30 – 8:45 am Open Remarks Dr. Toni Pendergrass


8:45 – 9:45 am Chris Hansen 9000

NASA Technology into The Future
Chris joined NASA at the Johnson Space Center as a co-operative education student in 1991 where he worked as a structural analyst and designer. After graduating from the University of California at Irvine with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he joined NASA full-time where he worked as a structural analyst for projects including the Shuttle Plume Impingement Flight Experiment and the Space Shuttle Lightweight Seats project. He holds a Masters of Mechanical Engineering degree from Rice University and was also the recipient of the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement in the young engineer’s category. In 2000, Hansen became the Mechanical Systems Integration Lead for the International Space Station. In 2007, he became the Chief Engineer for the International Space Station, leading a talented team of technical experts dedicated to flying the International Space Station safely and successfully. He grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico and graduated from High School there in 1988.

9:55 – 10:55 AM Mike Belcher 9000

Are We Preparing Students for Success?
Mike, poses the question “Are we TRULY preparing our Students with the skills they need to succeed? Are there ways to do so more efficiently and effectively?” Join this conversation around some key challenges and pitfalls, like “soft skills vs. academics, digital vs. informational literacy and the political turmoil and funding challenges around the new “College & Career Ready” standards & assessments. Belcher is the America’s Education Strategy Manager for Hewlett Packard. With more than 15 years’ experience building Ed Tech solutions, he led worldwide Education solutions team in the development of a multitude of Learning solutions including HP SchoolCloud, the nation’s first K12 specific Private Cloud solution. In addition, Mike also helped develop HP Classroom Manager, a high value, low cost solution for improving instruction and collaboration.

12:00 – 12:30 PM Carl & Rachel Tucker 9000

“Privacy on Social Networks: who really owns your profile?”
Carl and Rachel first met during an Introduction to Computer Science course at San Juan College (SJC). They obtained their Associate degrees from SJC prior to transferring to New Mexico Tech (NMT) where they earned Bachelors degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, graduating with high honors. As undergraduates, they published their first research paper on Mobile Applications and presented their work at the ISPAN International Symposium in 2012. Carl’s primary research involves exploiting under-utilized data for uniquely useful purposes, while Rachel’s passions lie in researching and educating people about the conservation of privacy and personal rights on the internet. They are currently finishing up their Masters degrees at NMT and will be graduating in the Fall of 2014.

Session 1 (click session to expand)
11:05 – 11:50 am

Room 1614

Organization Tools for you and your work – ADenise Williams, NM Manufacturing Extension Partnership MEP

Are you ready to work? Do you hunt items by walking around or re-ordering? New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership 5S Workplace Organization will cover techniques, methods, and tools to include safety for: Sort-clearly distinguish needed items from unneeded items and remove unneeded items. Set in order – keep needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval. Shine – find problems through cleaning. Standardize – clearly define the acceptable condition of the work area. Sustain – methods and techniques to maintain the first four items of Sort, Set in Order, Shine, and Standardize. Come and be ready to work!

Room 1616

Security and Device Management Solutions that will change your bottom line – Travis Krischke Absolute Software (v)

“Absolute Software is the leader in persistent endpoint security and management solutions offering true cross platform device support. Absolute’s solutions allow administrators to track, manage and secure desktops, laptops, iPads and android devices through one console. Please join us for a presentation highlighting Absolute’s embedded persistence technology and systems management solutions.”

Room 1613

Guarding Privacy in the Information Age: The Role of Public Policy – Dr. Judith Palier & Lynn Lane, San Juan College

We will examine privacy issues raised by technological advances in health information, mobile devices, internet surfing and social media. In an age of swift technological advancement, public policy is often left behind to struggle with complex ethical issues. What can be done to guard privacy in this high-tech, high speed age? How do we balance competing values of convenience and privacy?

Room 1622

QBO: The New Generation of QuickBooks – Annette Risley, Risley CPA,LLC

As our business environment is becoming more mobile, so must our accounting processes. This session will introduce participants to QuickBooks Online accounting software, Intuit’s solution to accounting in the Cloud (rated 5 stars by CPA Practice Advisor). It will highlight the features and benefits of Intuit’s OCB and cloud-based accounting options, as well as some of the leading third party integrated applications available to provide a more efficient workflow environment.

Room 1019 (Suns)

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is here – Luis Avila, Cisco

IoE is the next evolution of the internet, connecting the unconnected, people, processes, data and things in your business today.

Room 1629

GIS Mapping your Future – Joseph J. Kerski,Ph.D., Esri

Join Geographer Dr Joseph Kerski as we discuss 5 skills that can enhance any career that deals with geographic information, illustrated by a tour of some of the latest web-based mapping techniques and tools. Through this presentation, you will understand what these 5 skills are and how to best gain those skills.

Room 7103

“Transforming Teaching & Learning with the Apple Ecosystem” – Apple Presenter (v)

Apples believes in a world in which all learners are empowered to discover their own special genius. Apple’s education mission is to provide a learning environment that supports the way students live and how they want to learn. Come see how the Apple ecosystem can help to act as a scaffold for engagement, creativity and collaboration to bridge the gaps for all learning styles.

Session 2 (click session to expand)
1:40 – 2:25 pm

Room 1614

Creating a Tech Startup Business – Judy Castleberry, SJC-Enterprise Center

What do iTunes, Zappos, Microsoft, and Ford Motors have in common? They all started as someone with a better idea for how to do business. So do you have the next great idea? This session is an introduction to Startup World where great ideas are turned into great business models.

Room 1616

Trends in Higher Education Technology over the Next 1,3 and 5 years – - Stephanie Keer, Konica Minolta Business Solutions (v)

Join Stephanie Keer, PhD and Education Solutions Manager at Konica Minolta and professor at NYU and learn about the trends in education, where we are now, where we are headed in 3 and 5 years, courtesy of the New Media Consortium's Higher Education Horizon Report. In the process, she will share with you some of the unique software solutions Konica Minolta offers as well as their IT Services division, In this session you will learn about what technology has been adopted in higher education and being widely used within the next one to two year that is driving changes, the significant challenges impeding higher education technology adoption and important developments in educational technology within the next 3 to 5 years.

Room 1621

The Digital Classroom – Wayne Carlson, Samsung (v)

Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. Help your students learn actively by using advanced classroom management systems in an environment where the mobile devices, interactive displays, and curriculum are all able to work together in and effective technological ecosystem to bring the 4 C’s into your classroom.

Room 1622

Exploring Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel 2013 – Lynn Lane, San Juan College

During this session, we will explore Excel's data analysis tools including: data tables, goal seek, solver, PowerPivot, and data analysis toolpak.

Room 1623

Usable Security: how to create and use suitable security tools – Rachel Tucker

Online security is important. Despite continual development of newer, more robust security techniques, something as simple as determining whether or not an online form is secure is an overly complex and impossible task for most end users. It is unrealistic to expect an average user to be a security expert. Most people have neither the time nor interest. Many fall victim to simple phishing and intrusion attacks because they don't know how to protect themselves. Therefore, it is the responsibility of software designers to meet them half way, creating intuitive tools with easy-to-use interfaces that implement modern security techniques. In this session, we will explore several techniques and existing software that can be used to visualize internet security in its various forms.

Room 1629

GIS – New Visions of Ancient Civilizations Through Geospatial Technology – Rich Friedman, San Juan College

Room 1019 (Suns)

Q & A Session – Chris Hansen, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Session 3 (click session to expand)
2:35 – 3:20 pm

Room 1614

Digital lessons for growing your business – Terrie Taziri, Ballantine Communications

The presentation will focus on the needs for businesses to transition from traditional advertising and marketing to digital tactics as a way to reach customers and grow their business. Over the past few years, Ballantine Companies have been experiencing this transition on their own. We will take a look at methods that have been successful for us along with proven strategies to thrive in the digital marketing environment.

Room 1616

Syncplicity – Enterprise Grade Security & Compliance – EMC

Syncplicity is Dropbox for the enterprise. It provides seamless and automatic access to documents, files and shared folders with robust security features that make IT very happy.

Room 1621

Number Symphonies – Gerald Williams, San Juan College

"The mathematics of our day appears to me like a large weapons shop in peace time. The store window is filled with showpieces whose ingenious, artful and pleasing design enchants the connoisseur. The real origin and purpose of these things to attack and defeat the enemy, has retreated so far into the background of consciousness as to be forgotten." -Felix Klein Algebra is currently at the center of an educational firestorm. Some say it should be permanently removed from the curriculum of most American students while others proclaim its importance from the mountain tops. Whatever your thoughts on the subject, it is hard to deny that algebra is one of the most powerful tools of thought ever invented by human beings. Come see a couple of reasons why.

Room 1622

When to use what Adobe product – Jody Carman, City of Farmington

There will be a short description including the special use of each Adobe product in the Creative Suite, In-Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I'll talk about the interactivity and file share capabilities like the Bridge. Tips and tricks will also be discussed, gleaned from my personal experiences. I'll have lots of visuals and samples.

Room 1623

Mundane Data: Finding solutions where you least expect them – Carl Tucker

Mundane data is the ephemeral data we collect/generate via personal electronic devices in our everyday lives. This type of data is often generated in the background as a necessary function of achieving a separate goal. Examples of mundane data collected by cell phones would include signal strength sampling and cell tower handoffs. Most mundane data is discarded almost as soon as it is generated, as it is believed to have no value outside of the present task, but as the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." With some tweaking, this data and its generation process can be used to accomplish some very extraordinary tasks. In this session I will be discussing how to recognize and adapt this omnipresent mundane data in order to transform it into a valuable resource to both ourselves and to society using established techniques, such as reCAPTCHA, as well as my own research.

Room 1019 (Suns)

Enhance Literacy with LEGO Education "StoryStarter" – Layne Rainey, LEGO Education (v)

LEGO Education "StoryStarter" is a hands-on learning tool that enhances students' reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The curriculum aids elementary school educators in creating more engaging language arts lessons correlated to Common Core Standards. This will be a hands-on workshop to give attendees a chance to experience "StoryStarter" first-hand.

Afternoon Break
3:20 to 3:40 pm
Session 4 (click session to expand)
3:40 - 4:40 pm

Room 1614

Electronic Content and Business Process Management-The Irony of Paper – Dwight Moore, Laserfiche (v)

Today's technology essentially provides organizations the ability to manage their critical business processes and information with lightning fast speed providing unprecedented efficiency and productivity and at the same time lowering the cost of doing business and positively impacting the bottom line.

Room 1616

VMWare VDI to the Data Center – Dell (v) Ardham

Room 1621

When 1+1=1: Einstein's Magic Carpet -- Riding on a Beam of Light – Sumant Krishnaswamy, San Juan College

Einstein's Theory made a small change to a seemingly routine and simple calculation -- determining the relative speeds between rapidly moving objects. However, this minor change was, in fact, part of a major scientific revolution which resulted in a profound shift in our worldview. The theory's predictions seem strange and unexpected, but have been experimentally verified and have stood the test of time for over a century. So which task do you think is more difficult: calculating relative speeds in Einstein's universe, or working out your taxes? Come and find out -- you might be surprised!

Room 1622

Grading with Canvas with your Mobile device – Sam Bachert, San Juan College

Come learn how to use the SpeedGrader app from Canvas- cut your grading time in half.

Room 1623

What are you trying to tell me? – Rob Bunton

My talk will focus on wireless insecurities and the ability to profile wireless devices, I will discuss rouge access points, data interception, man in the middle attacks (MITM), and also show Visualization of information gathered.

Room 1019 (Suns)

Student Motivation – Brian Bledsoe, Ellucian


Closing Remarks/Prize Giveaway
4:40 to 5:00 p.m.