Henderson Fine Arts Performance Center 2004-2005
Technical Equipment List

Henderson Fine Arts Center Theater graphicCoordinator for Technical Theatre:

Patrick Cheney

Director Henderson Fine Arts Center:

LinAnn Easley

Administrative Business hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Monday – Friday


Technical Crew Availability: 8:00am-10:00pm upon request


Location: San Juan College, 4601  College Blvd, Farmington, NM 87402-4699

(see map for campus location)


Telephone: 505/566-3465 Theatre Office


Seating: 784 seats total (597 lower level and 187 balcony) in European or continental seating pattern.  Handicapped seating available


Loading Dock: At the right side of the Fine Arts Center, there is a driveway that leads to the loading dock. The dock is 12’ wide by 18’ high at road level. It opens to the scenic shop with two doors of equal size leading into the right side of the theatre space.


Stage:    A Proscenium stage with a 28’ high by 48’ wide opening. An 8’ deep by 4’ wide trap door is in the center of the stage (see ground plan for actual location). The floor is a tongue and grove yellow fir over three layers of 3/8” plywood, padding and concrete. The floor is painted black. No open flame or pyrotechnics are permitted on stage. No dance surface is available. The apron in front of the main act curtain is an orchestra pit lift with multiple duplex outlets inset into the floor. Entrance to the stage is from the stage right loading door and two rear doors on stage left and stage right. The fly lines and pin rail is on stage left along with the stage managers console and monitors. Cyclorama, 2 black travelers and 4 black leg sets with borders, white scrim, small black scrim, grand drapes and 30’x20’ rear projection screen are the stage drapes. Gridiron floor is at 58’8” from stage floor. The floor is 106’ wide by 44’ to upstage edge of pit lift, to the center of the pit lift is 7’ deep for a total of 51’. Stage has no footlights. There are 33 counterweighted, single purchase fly lines in the grid. Clear-com intercom with 20 stations. The 400-amp company cut off switch is on upper stage right. The Wenger Orchestra Shell is stored stage right and takes up 10’x30’ area.

There are at present 10 battens that are considered open or free (see lines marked for locations). The front apron of the stage is an electric lift 46’ wide and 7’ deep at center and tapers to 2’ at the ends. This goes down one floor or 11’6” to join the rest of the orchestra pit trap room area. The space will hold 35 musicians in performance conditions. A grand piano (Bosendorfer), chairs and music stands available on request.


A. A Mackie 32 channel mixing board with 6 aux sends (currently only two are available for on stage monitors).

B. Central loudspeaker cluster above proscenium with 4-2 way, full range loudspeaker cabinets JBL, 2-sub woofer cabinets JBL and 2 JBL short throw horns. 2-stagefill JBL full range cabinets SR4732, 6 JBL wedges high low monitors for on-stage foldbacks.

C. 2 beta 58s, 4 Beta 57’s, 4 SM 58 wireless, 1 Shure wireless SM87 1-AKG drum kit, and other microphones upon request. stands and cables.

D. Dual Cassette recorder, RCA CD recorder/player, Sony Dat recorder.

E. 38 microphone inputs and 8 outputs on stage and in pit area.

Theatrical equipment is split between Performance Hall space and Little Theater space. Please contact Technical Coordinator for specific needs.


A. 24 channel ETC Expression 3 lighting board.

B. 800 amp L86 ETC dimmers (230 2.4k dimmers).

C. The DMX 512 control signal inputs from control room sound booth and on stage right and left.

D. 80 circuits in the house catwalks and 12 in the 4 side light ports at mid house. 25 circuits on the floor walls, pit area and on 4 drop boxes for light trees.

E. 12 4k house dimmers with house light controls on the Idea board and separate controls at 8 locations around the facility.

F. House rep plot upon request.


Theatrical equipment is split between Performance Hall space and Little Theater space. Please contact Technical Coordinator for specific needs.

Dressing Rooms:

A. 1 large make-up room, which will support 35 performers at the same time, with 2 locker rooms with 3 showers and toilet facilities and counter space.
B. 2 “star” dressing rooms with private facilities and showers are next door.
C. A green room with kitchenette and television monitor viewing the stage for performers is also backstage. The Costume shop with sewing machines and laundry capabilities are also available upon request. All backstage areas are connected to the Clear-Com system and have direct access to the rear of the stage.

Other:    Wenger Orchestra shell and 12-4’x8’ versalite risers for music venues. Slide, 16mm film and video projection equipment available upon request.

For more information, please call School of Humanities at (505) 566-3276.