For complete listing of art course see the Course Schedule. Below is a sample of course offered at San Juan College.

Art Courses

ARTS-112 Beginning Drawing I

Utilizes various methods and materials with emphasis on the perception of form in many areas of subject matter and consideration of the elements of composition. Offered: Fall, Spring

ARTS-152 Color Theory I

Study and application of the objective principles of color and its psychological, emotional and symbolic effects. Prerequisites: ENGL-095 and (RDNG 095 or RDNG-096) or appropriate Accuplacer English and Reading score. Offered: Fall, Spring

ARTS-251 Beginning Painting

Painting in various traditional and non-traditional media. Pursuing individual expression through painting techniques in relation to a broad scope of art concepts and styles. Offered: Fall, Spring

ARTS-265 Beginning Sculpture I

An introduction to sculpture and methods and materials using additive, subtractive and manipulative techniques. Offered: On Demand

ARTS-275 Pottery & Clay Arts I

Introduction to clay arts including techniques of hand building, wheel throwing, and glazing. Offered: Fall, Spring

Photography Course

PHOT-150 Basic Photography

This course is designed for the beginning photography student. The students will learn camera operation, the interaction of light on film, design principles, lighting, film processing, and printing black and white photographs in the darkroom. An introduction to the history of photography will enable students to understand the context of photography and image creation. San Juan College can provide a 35 mm film camera if needed.
Offered: Fall, Spring

PHOT-160 Digital Photography

This course teaches basic digital editing using PhotoShop CS4. Students will learn how to operate a digital camera, download images, basic editing workflow and printing. Color theory will be introduced and creating artistic visual images will be emphasized. Students must have a digital camera with manual controls.
Offered: Fall, Spring

PHOT-240 Intermediate Digital Photography

Students will expand their knowledge of the digital camera and photographic technique. In this class students will be introduced to studio & location lighting using the on campus studio and lighting equipment.