The Henderson Center for the Visual Arts is twenty thousand square feet space, devoted totally to the visual arts. The HCVA includes large instructional studios with high ceilings and excellent lighting. Through careful design of the building, we emphasize safety and a “close knit” relationship between art faculty and students that is a unique part of our academic program. To allow students easier accessibility to the faculty, most faculty offices and studios are located in the areas where the professors teach. Specialized classrooms are maintained for painting and drawing, ceramics, and photography.

The Art Department has a superior ceramic facility. The Henderson Fine Arts building built in 1994, houses 21 potters wheels, two slab roller, six electric kilns, three gas kilns (2 gas/salt, an anagama wood fired and 2 raku kilns), clay mixing room, faculty studios, glaze mixing room, and large work space. The painting, drawing and design rooms have northern lighting, and a large working space.


San Juan College Henderson Fine Arts Gallery strives to educate our students and community about art and artists with a diverse exhibit schedule that showcases a wide variety of art forms and artists. Our exhibits change monthly throughout the spring and fall semesters. This schedule also includes Spring and Fall Art Student and Art Instructor exhibits. The Henderson Fine Arts Gallery has hosted exhibits from many national and local artists.

We also have a second gallery space in our Humanities Building Balcony study area. This area is meant to be a less formal setting where artists can gain constructive feedback during their experience while exhibiting.

San Juan College is also home to a Permanent Art Collection which includes the work of an extensive list of artists. To view a list of art and artists go to www.sanjuancollege.edu/arttour.

The art gallery also sponsors workshops for students and community members. These workshops include National and local artists of much renown.