POLS-110 Intro to Political Science

POLS-110 Intro to Political Science will introduce students to the major concepts of the discipline of political science, and will teach students to apply these concepts to current and historical events. The course is designed to enable students to think critically about local, national, and world politics. [NM Common Course Number POLS 1113, Area IV; Behavioral/Social Science Core] Prerequisites: ENGL-095 and (RDNG 095 or RDNG-096) or appropriate English and Reading Accuplacer Scores. Offered: Fall, Spring

POLS-220 Native American Politics

Examines Native American political issues and government dynamics in contemporary and historical times. Themes include: history and structures of tribal government; cultural issues; intergovernmental dynamics; and the role of tribal politics in contemporary Native American life. Offered: Fall – Even Year

POLS-230 Political Ideas

A critical examination of ideas such as justice, democracy, freedom, citizenship, and others, through an exploration of political thought from ancient to contemporary times. Offered: Spring

POLS-240 Comparative Politics

The course is designed to give students the ability to understand and evaluate political regimes by focusing on the political history, socioeconomic structure and contemporary political institutions and behavior. These phenomena will be examined as they occur in countries representing diverse cultures, geographies, and levels of development. Prerequisites: ENGL-111 or Accuplacer English test score of 85 or higher (RDNG-099 or RDNG-113) or Accuplacer Reading test score of 82 or higher Offered: Spring

POLS-250 American National Government

The course is designed to give students an overview of the institutions, processes, and outcomes of American government. Students are encouraged to think critically about the importance of these institutions and processes in addressing the issues that American society faces in the twenty-first century. [NM Common Course Number POLS 1123, Area IV; Behavioral/Social Science Core] Prerequisites:ENGL-111 and (RDNG-099 or RDNG-113) or appropriate English and Reading Accuplacer scores. Offered: Fall, Spring

POLS-265 Public Policy & Social Change

This course will provide an overview of the structures and processes of public policy. This course will examine how social change is brought about through the actions of various agents including interest groups, advocacy coalitions, and executive, legislative and judicial policy processes. Also listed asHMSV-265 Public Policy & Social Change. Prerequisites: ENGL-111 and (RDNG-099 OR RDNG-113) or appropriate English and Reading Accuplacer scores. Offered: Fall