The Bisti Writing Project, an affiliate of the National Writing Project

The Bisti Vision

Writing in all its forms is at the core of not just schooling, but of our entire lives. Self-expression engages and empowers us as individuals; effective communication energizes a productive, democratic society.

Who We Are

  • We are a professional development network of writer-educators.
  • We are more than 100 strong.
  • We teach elementary, middle, high school, and college classes.
  • We work in public, tribal, charter, and private schools.
  • We teach math, science, social studies, art, P.E… and writing.

What We Believe

  • Writing is pivotal to learning, academic achievement, personal success and citizenship.
  • Writing instruction begins before kindergarten and is lifelong.
  • Effective teachers of writing need to write themselves.
  • Exemplary teachers make the best teachers of other teachers.
  • Writing and reading are fundamental to learning in all subjects.

What We Do

  • Support professional growth for teachers through invitational summer institutes.
  • Provide a customized series of workshops to strengthen basic skills (math, reading, and writing) for test prep or for integration into the curriculum at any grade level.
  • Host place-based and creative writing workshops across the Four Corners.
  • Partner with school districts to design effective professional development.
  • Offer after-school and summer opportunities that enable students to discover the power of writing.

“We proceeded on a wing and a prayer, and then the voices began to emerge, slowly but surely, out of layers of paint. Every day brought forth new questions. Not having answers was the point.”

Uma Krishnasami, author and BWP Teacher Consultant

“I’ve never written that much in my life… I wrote a lot more than I usually do… I learned to use expression, dialogue, imagery, and imagination… We got to express ourselves, and speak our minds.”

-Bloomfield Elementary Students

One mission, many opportunities…

  • Eight NWP Invitational Summer Institutes…
  • Three one-week SJC faculty Fast Forward institutes…
  • More than 100 teacher-leaders connected…
  • Thousands of students engaged in writing…
  • Countless local educators encouraged and empowered.

Bisti Co-directors:

Michael Thompson —

Sarah Pope —

National Writing Project