• San Juan College Tour Agreement

    Thank you for your interest in San Juan College. We look forward to presenting our campus to you. Your campus visit will introduce you to life at San Juan College, our academics, programs, clubs, activities and beautiful facilities.

    There are so many educational and career opportunities available to students through higher education. We hope that by presenting a concise, interesting tour geared toward your student’s needs, they will be inspired with all the career possibilities we have to offer. We also hope to remove some of the anxiety and fears that prevent students from furthering their education.
    Program tours are available year round, however there may be certain times of the year when it's hard to see every program. Each school takes approximately 45-60 minutes to visit, so plan your trip accordingly.

    The first step to requesting a tour is to fill out the “Tour Request Form” below. Once we have received your request, we will schedule your tour and send you a confirmation email.
    If you have not received confirmation at least 5 days before your tour, please contact Liz Martinez at 505-566-3073 or martineze@sanjuancollege.edu to verify that your tour has been scheduled. Please note, a phone conversation is not considered confirmation.
    We look forward to seeing you!
  • Official Tour Request Form

  • Requestor's/ Contact Name * Required
  • Please enter a value between 5 and 100.
    If group is larger than 20, students will be divided into groups and rotate between schools.
  • 1 adult per 10 students required
  • Students with disabilities?
  • Please choose school of programs your group is interesting in seeing. NOTE: Each school takes approximately 45 - 60 minutes, so please budget appropriate time.
  • Requested Time of Tour * Required
  • *NOTE: Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time in order to assure a full tour.
    If at any time your Tour Ambassador believes that your group is engaging in indecent, boisterous or unreasonably loud or similar disorderly conduct that causes interference with members of the college in the performance of their normal duties and activities or disturbs the peace or the orderly process of education on campus they have the right to end the tour immediately.
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