ENgaging LAtino Communities for Education (ENLACE) aims to increase the education opportunities for all students who have been traditionally underrepresented in institutions of higher learning; preparing them to pursue success in post-secondary education and strengthening the educational pipeline. ENLACE’s statewide collaboration aims to empower communities to find their voices in the pursuit of social justice, educational access and equity.

  • Student Ambassador Program
  • NM Directorship
  • Partnerships & Coalitions
ENLACE Ambassador Scholarship Application

The 2017 - 2018 ENLACE Ambassador application is now available! Click here to apply and become a student leader while serving your community!

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ENLACE’s Mission and Vision

ENLACE’s mission is to increase the high school and college retention and graduation rates of Latino and other students in New Mexico while smoothing the transition process from one level of the education pipeline to the next.

Is an education system that develops talent, builds leadership and transforms communities, schools that reflect New Mexico’s histories, narratives and aspirations and educators who use diversity to cultivate New Mexico’s human capital.

Program’s Goals

  • Create catalysts and models for systemic change in education
  • Strengthen partnerships between higher education and local communities in ways that increase parental and community involvement.
  • Eliminate barriers that inhibit student success at transition points along the pathway to college.
  • Facilitate the expansion and sustainability of successful programs through strategic planning, networking, leadership development, and policy engagement.
  • Integrate key stakeholders through information and models that stimulate changes in policies and practices related to the education of all underserved students.

ENLACE & Public Policy

Our partners live and work in every senate and representative district in New Mexico. The ENLACE collaborative is a diverse population of universities, community colleges, public school districts, businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, students, families and community members. The principles that we promote unify us, our partners and our communities. ENLACE stakeholders believe that by working collaboratively with our elected officials, we can promote policy that enables us to provide educational opportunities and support for students throughout the State of New Mexico.