School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



  1. Advising and Counseling Center Updates – Harold Tso/Stacey Bradley
    1. Advisement month ends November 28th.
    2. Open registration for the spring semester starts Monday the 17th.


  1. Updates from the Dean – Oliver Borden
    1. Current Financial Situation

The State of New Mexico is not fairing very well financially. The majority of the State’s profits come for oil. As the per-barrel price falls, so does the budget. To prepare for the lack of funds, Administration has asked that all departments please examine their budgets carefully. Make sure what you have allocated is what you absolutely need. There will also be no new capital projects started. Projects funded by bond money, such as the Health Sciences expansion, will not be affected.

    1. Shared Message from the LLT
      1. Thanksgiving Holiday Break

The Thanksgiving Holiday Break official will begin on Wednesday, November 26. All Tuesday classes, including evening courses, are expected to meet as scheduled.

                                                      ii.            Fall Final Grades Due

There is an extremely tight window of opportunity for Student Services to perform end-of-semester grade and financial aid reporting, so it is extremely important for all faculty to submit their Final Grades via Web Advisor as soon as possible after completing finals exams and at the latest, by the deadlines listed below.

Final Exams Held:

Grades Due By:

Friday, December 12-Wednesday, December 17

Thursday, December 18, 10:00 AM

Thursday, December 18

Friday, December 19, 10:00 AM


  1. Health Sciences Newsletter
    1. Newsletter will be released at the beginning of next week. All staff are welcome to submit items for the newsletter.
  2. Department Updates
    1. Dental

Nothing to Report

    1. HHPC

The HHPC will be closing at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 26th and will reopen on Saturday, November 29th.

Diana announced the dates for the annual Great American Smoke Out. She also announced that another mini-grant had been awarded to continue the Chantix Smoking Cessation program. Over half of the people who have enrolled in the program have been tobacco free for six months. The success rate has drawn national attention.

    1. HIT

The department is working on several course changes to submit to the Curriculum Committee. Carroll is still looking for a temporary instructor to alleviate the extremely heavy course load. The program continues to grow rapidly. They are also gearing up for a very busy registration time. Oliver asked if the online student registration issue with Admissions had been rectified, Wendy said it has not. Oliver will set up a meeting with Admissions, Advising, Wendy and Carroll to discuss the issues.

    1. MLT

Mary’s spring classes are completely full.

    1. Nursing

Compared to this time last year, Nursing is receiving a record number of applications. Nisa expects the numbers to increase even more as the spring usually brings a rush of applications.

Nisa is also currently examining student data to see if there are any patterns in a student’s education that can help predict student success.

    1. PTA

The Online students will be on campus from November 8th – 22nd.

PTAP 115 will now be offered in summer. This will allow students who need more review the chance to re-take and pass the course in time for the application deadline. This should encourage more students to apply.

    1. Physical Education

The two degree programs Bev has been working on are progressing nicely. The articulation agreement is currently going through the approval process at NMHU.

    1. Surgical Tech

Kristy is hosting the first accreditation visit November 13-14.


  1. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum
    1. Oliver announced that the EMS Program is back on table under Fire Science. A possible partnership with CNM would allow the program to restart with 1st responder and EMT Basic in the spring. Classes would be restricted to Fire and EMS personnel.
    2. Nisa is looking for someone to share her position on the Curriculum Committee. The NM Board of Nursing requires her to travel frequently, and several of the meetings fall on the same dates as the committee meetings. Oliver encouraged any interested to contact Nisa. It is a very interesting and very well organized committee. Any looking to increase their experience at SJC would benefit greatly.