Physical Plant manages the grounds and buildings of  San Juan College while providing exceptional customer service to students, faculty, staff and the community.


The Construction supervisor at SJC is highly qualified and knowledgeable and has over 33 years experience in construction and 25 years as a licensed contractor. He is responsible for supervising and coordinating all construction projects here at SJC. He also does the planning for new construction projects and ensures that construction standards are being met.

Johnny Jordan, Construction Supervisor


The San Juan College Custodial Department performs daily cleaning and servicing to SJC campuses, excluding East and West Campuses.  For the main campus, there is approximately 106 restrooms, 156 classrooms, 432 office areas, 25 dedicated conference rooms, 74 lobby/ reception areas, 16 study lounges and 9 kitchen areas. Cleaning services include arranging classrooms to meet Americans with Disabilities Act, Health and Safety Act, and Fire Code.  In addition, the staff performs all event setups for all events on the main campus including Henderson Fine Arts Center and the SUNS conference room.

Custodian on Duty can be reached at (505) 320-0944.  Custodians are on campus Monday through Friday 3 p.m. to 6: 30 a.m., Saturday and Sunday 3 p.m. to 11: 30 p.m.

  • Robert Richey, Custodial Supervisor
  • Eric Kneebone, Assistant Supervisor
  • Pam Johnson, Custodial Crew Leader
  • Tim Maness, Custodial Crew Leader
  • Dan Duffey, Custodial Crew Leader
  • Debra Manwill, Custodial Crew Leader
  • Joe Sciba, Custodial Crew Leader


The Grounds Dept. is responsible for the landscaping and maintenance of the entire campus grounds as well as litter and trash control, greenhouse operations, snow removal and the maintenance of interior plants.

  • Alice Barnard, Grounds Supervisor
  • Shelley Stricklin, Grounds Keeper
  • Tim Adas, Crew Leader
  • Matt Ashworth, Seasonal Grounds Keeper
  • Les Lundquist, Grounds Keeper
  • Sahandie Poiche, Seasonal Grounds Keeper
  • Lou RhineHart, Grounds Keeper
  • Donald Rodriquez, Grounds Keeper
  • Brian Tso, Grounds Keeper