Sole Source Purchases

A sole source purchase is defined as only one supplier of a service or good, to the best of the Purchasing Departments knowledge based upon market research , is capable in delivering the product or service. Sole Source purchases are made in accordance with 13-1-126 NMSA 1978.

Any potential Supplier/Contractor who does not agree that this product or service is available only from the intended source must contact the Purchasing office within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date posted.

Your response must be in writing and a description of the product or service you are offering as an equivalent must be included.  Please include within the subject line of your response the Document Number of the Sole Source/ Emergency Procurement you are contesting.

Document NumberDate PostedService TypeJustificationContractor NameQuantityAmountDetermination Status
Quote9/30/2014Cummins Emissions TrainerSole VendorCummins Service Training Center 1$45,500.00Posted
Sole Source Letter
1/19/2015Simulator for Drilling, Well Control and Workover- with OptionsSole VendorC S Inc.1$309,180.00Posted
3/17/2016Professional ServiceSole VendorFields LLC6 months$100,000.00Posted
SPD 60-96400-16-NS023
05/27/2016Tangible Personal PropertySole VendorBorder States Electric- FRMOne Time$48,198.00No Protest
SPD 70-96400-16-NS053
10/4/2016Tangible Personal PropertySole VendorAdvance Technologies Consultants IncOne Time$150,927.16No Protest
SPD 70-96400-17-NS009
2/27/2017Tangible Personal PropertySole VendorAdvanced Technologies Consultants Inc.One Time$165,551.50No Protest
SPD 70-96400-17-NS012
03/15/2017Tangible Personal PropertySole VendorAdvanced Technologies Consultants Inc.One Time$45,970.00No Protest
SPD 80-U5101-17-NS092 12/12/2017LicensesProprietaryEllucian5 year licensing$144,810.00Pending
SPD 80-U5101-17-NS093 12/12/2017Tangible Personal PropertySole VendorAdvanced Technologies Consultants Inc.Full System Purchase$28,052.58Pending