Purchase Transaction Types

San Juan College Purchasing Department methods of doing business include formal BIDs, RFP, and RFQP.  In addition to the formal methods, San Juan College purchasing department, will also issue Purchase Orders or provide payment with San Juan College’s purchasing card.

Bid Criteria

During the Bid process, San Juan College will evaluate supplies and vendors on the following criteria:

  • Stability of Company
  • Quality of Products or Services
  • Pricing
  • Compliance with deliverable deadlines
  • Company reputation
  • Product warranties and service guarantees
  • Vendor or Supplies comprehensive understanding of San Juan College’s needs

Tax Exemption

San Juan College is an agency of the State of New Mexico and is categorized as a Type 9 entity.  The type 9 categorization allows exemption from sales tax on products only.  San Juan College will pay sales tax for services, lease of property or items purchased for new construction.

Further details are included in the Tax Exemption Notice provided by the Purchasing Department.

Vender In-State Preference

San Juan College adheres to the New Mexico Procurement Code (NMSA 1978 annotated) which includes the application of 13-1-21 and 13-1-22 in regards to preference points.  For further information please visit the New Mexico General Services Department.


Insurance Requirements

San Juan College maintains special insurance requirements for specific services provided by vendors.  For further details and requirements please contact the Purchasing Department directly.