The CFDC currently house five different programs for children 6 weeks of age through preschool. Children are enrolled in the programs for five days a week from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Each of our programs is based on the assumption that children learn best when they are actively involved with their environment and free to explore without fear of mistakes. The learning environment emphasizes social development and cooperation with others as well as a variety of stimulating activities for young children. We believe that children are inventive and creative in the ways they understand the world, and that they grow and develop by sharing ideas with others and by exploring questions raised by caring adults. We arrange the environment to provide structure and the schedule to provide consistency. These enable a child to develop a sense of mastery over the environment. Above all, we believe that each child is a unique person with special things to offer. Our interactions with children reflect these beliefs.

Twenty positions are available in two preschool classrooms and ten positions in a third preschool classroom. Children attending the preschool program are 3-5 years old. A day’s schedule will include self-selected activities, large and small group activities, learning centers, snack, and outdoor time. Art, music, movement, science, language, pre-math, pre-reading, social studies, wood working, and dramatic play are some the areas that children explore in the process of their physical, mental, social and emotional growth.

Twelve positions are available in our two-year-old classroom; children are 21-36 months old. Twelve position are available in our toddler classroom; children are 18-30 months old. Eight positions are available in our young toddler classroom; children are 12-21 months old. The focus in these classrooms is on routines, exploration, active play and activities, that are individualized to meet children’s needs and interests. Eight positions are available in infant classroom; children are 6 weeks to 12 months old. The focus of these classrooms is caregiver responsiveness, ensuring each child is cared for and nurtured in response to his or her expressed needs.

Number of Children per Classroom

  • Preschool I room is licensed to care for 20 children.
  • Preschool II room is licensed to care for 20 children.
  • Preschool III room is licensed to care for 10 children.
  • The Twos room is licensed to care for 12 children who are 21 through 36 months old.
  • The Toddler room is licensed to care for 12 children who are 18 through 30 months old.
  • The Young Toddler room is licensed to care for 8 children who are 12 through 21 months old.
  • The Infant room is licensed to care for 8 children who are 6 weeks through 12 months old.

About the Teachers

Each program is staffed by a lead teacher and associate teachers. All of the lead teachers have their BAs, and the majority of the associates hold Child Development Associate credentials. To comply with requirements of the state license, all members of the teaching staff attend annual trainings.