The Henderson Fine Arts Gallery

Built in 1994, the Henderson Fine Arts Center featured many new additions to the San Juan College campus including an art wing that features the Gallery Space now used today. The Henderson Fine Arts Gallery hosts shows with artists from the surrounding community and several artists throughout the four corners region. The Gallery seeks to integrate works of art into our everyday experience by bringing in diverse work for the enjoyment and education of our students and community.

Current Show

The Four Corners Photographic Society Fall Show

The Four Corners Photographic Society includes members both avocational and professional. With both black-and-white and color prints generated from dark-room or computer-processed techniques; the group places emphasis on the creative expression in the recording and presentation of images.

Coming in October

Subject to Change: Earth & Body (FAC Invitational)

This year’s Fine Arts Committee brings together the artwork of Sarah Teofanov and Maria Kompare. The two highlight elements of change; change in their own bodies as well as in the earth around them. “May we all continue to wake up and take better care of this beautiful planet, our mother the earth. Blessed Be.” –Sarah Tefanov

Interested in exhibiting at SJC
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