Built in 1994, the Henderson Fine Arts Center featured many new additions to the San Juan College campus including an art wing that features the Gallery Space now used today. The Henderson Fine Arts Gallery hosts shows with artists from the surrounding community and several artists throughout the four corners region. The Gallery seeks to integrate works of art into our everyday experience by bringing in diverse work for the enjoyment and education of our students and community.

AG- March2017Current Show- A Harmony of Opposites

Karen Ellsbury and Patrick Hazen

March 3-24, 2017

Two heads are better than one some say, and in the case of husband and wife team Patrick Hazen and Karen Ellsbury it certainly rings true.

AG- March 2017bSingularly they are both award winning professional artists and together own Studio 116, a working art gallery in downtown Farmington, New Mexico.

Patrick captures the soul of nature in his landscape photography. He likes to thoroughly explore his surroundings and finds alternative views to commonly photographed works. You can feel his love of the earth and his beautiful sense of the infinite possibilities of nature captured in his images.

Karen loves how Patrick takes his time finding the right light, angle and view to capture moments of beauty. She takes this opportunity to fill her senses with sights, smells and the feel of these places, creating memories which she translates into unique abstract expressionist art. She likes to paint the way a place or moment feels to her, so that the viewer senses the sentiment if not the precise image. She enjoys seeing her abstract work through other peoples eyes and hearing their interpretations, if her pieces convey to you an emotion for which there are no words, then she has done her job.

AG- March2017aPerhaps the most exciting art form which has come from their alliance are their “Photofusions”. Patricks phenomenal photos are printed on canvas, to which Karen adds her style of paint and natural elements to express the intrinsic aspects and emotions and of the subject, drawing the viewer in to that particular moment, the final outcome is both surprising and sensational.

Their collaborative relationship allows them the space to express their individuality while at the same time pushing each other to higher standards, encouraging one another to experiment, break rules and create venturesome expressions of art.

“Harmony of Opposites” exhibition includes examples of all styles of Karen Ellsbury’s and Patrick Hazen’s creations.

Upcoming Show- Spring 2017 Student Art Exhibit

SJC Students and Art Instructors

April 7-21, 2017


AG- 2017SpringDrop off paperwork days:

Completed and signed contracts with labels attached due:

On or before Tuesday, March 15, 2017 by 7:00 pm

Drop off artwork days:

On or before Monday, April 3 & Tuesday, April 4 – 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Exhibit dates: April 7-21, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION April 7, 2017 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Pick up artwork days:

Monday, April 24 & Tuesday, April 25 – 10 am – 7:00 pm

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