Built in 1994, the Henderson Fine Arts Center featured many new additions to the San Juan College campus including an art wing that features the Gallery Space now used today. The Henderson Fine Arts Gallery hosts shows with artists from the surrounding community and several artists throughout the four corners region. The Gallery seeks to integrate works of art into our everyday experience by bringing in diverse work for the enjoyment and education of our students and community.

Current Show- Spring 2018 Student Exhibition

SJC Students and Art Faculty

April 6-20

Our Spring 2018 Student Art Exhibit will be held this year from April 6-20th. This exhibition will feature artwork created by SJC students in ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, 2D and 3D design, metal sculpture and digital media. The exhibit will also include faculty artwork to fully exhibit the skills and techniques to be learned at San Juan College in our Art Department. Students will be given the chance to promote their work and further their education in the arts in this colorful and creative exhibition.

Student Information:

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Upcoming Show- Day at the Races

Kim Webster

May 4-25, 2018

There are two currents in my recent work. The portrait and the crowd study. Sometimes a portrait will develop from a crowd study. My crowd studies evolved from photographing unposed people in large groups, such as parades or outdoor festivals. This makes for an  unconventional approach to figure painting as most people are completely unaware that they are painting subjects … capturing natural poses in the process. It’s also a  “snapshot” of the event. An artist’s history as it were.

In the posed portraits, I try and capture something of the personality of the subject. This is accomplished through gesture, clothing or the pose itself. At least that’s the ideal.

The figure always tells a story. Unlike the landscape, which mainly gives a sense of place, the figure tells a story. Sometimes it’s a mysterious story. Most people want to know more about the subject matter … like what are they thinking, where are they from, what is their history? I try and give each subject a personality, I want them to be seen as real people. This gives my paintings a certain “presence”.

With this show. “A Day at the Races” I’ve tried to capture the excitement, drama and pageantry of the horse track. A lot more goes on at the track than people realize. These paintings have taken place over a four year period of visits to the track.

Upcoming Show- Past and Present

Crystal Summers Hazen

June 1-22, 2018

Crystal Summers Hazen is an emerging self taught Artist, working in mixed media and social commentary. She often uses black with bold colors, rich textures and experimental materials. Her signature style would be her unique way of studying humanity and nature and expressing it through art. Her art is always changing and she tries to keep an open mind to everything; so that she can continuously evolve within her art. She hopes that her art will bring joy and inspiration to others.

Crystal works part-time working on community art projects and creates art from her studio at home.