Built in 1994, the Henderson Fine Arts Center featured many new additions to the San Juan College campus including an art wing that features the Gallery Space now used today. The Henderson Fine Arts Gallery hosts shows with artists from the surrounding community and several artists throughout the four corners region. The Gallery seeks to integrate works of art into our everyday experience by bringing in diverse work for the enjoyment and education of our students and community.

Current Show- Four Corners Photographic Society Fall Show

Four Corners Photographic Society

September 1-22, 2017

The Society membership includes both avocational and professional photographers. The orientation of the membership is both traditional and progressive. Photographic interests encompass a wide range of subjects. Black-and-white or color prints may be generated from dark-room or computer-processed techniques. Whatever photographic medium is used, the emphasis is on the creative expression in the recording and presentation of images.

The Society meets on the second Monday of every month at 7 pm at San Juan College. Meetings usually include a formal program presentation, an open discussion of photograph-related topics, a showing of recent work by members, and planning for future activities, such as field trips and exhibitions. Field trips are typically made to scenic locations in each of the Four Corner states. Besides the two Society-sponsored exhibits held each year, members are also encouraged to participate in other regional showings, including the San Juan County Fair and the New Mexico State Fair.

Everyone throughout the Four Corners region with an interest in photography is invited to attend a monthly meeting and to consider participating in the Society as a member.

Upcoming Show- San Juan College Fine Arts Committee Invitational- Subject to Change: Earth & Body

Maria Kompare and Sarah Teofanov

September 29th- October 20th, 2017

“I didn’t start with collage. My first art classes were in Calligraphy and taken at Northern Arizona University. I chose the class by what time it was offered: I had to drive to Flagstaff from Tuba City after my kids went to school and arrive home before they did. It was a 1 1/2 hour drive door to door.

After we moved to Farmington in 1990, I took a variety of art classes at San Juan College. I continued the interest in the calligraphy and enjoyed several summer sessions in Literally Letters at Ghost Ranch, where mixed media art bled onto the pages of calligraphy. What sealed the deal for me was a workshop at SJC taught by Nita Leland. I fell in love with the openness of the medium. It continues to be where I am most comfortable.

I see mesas and valleys out of my windows everyday. I watch them change as the seasons turn. These most familiar landmarks frame my world, and so they find themselves pictured often in my art. The high desert of the Southwest is home. It is where I am most at peace

The earth, as well as our body, undergoes change. Some of this is due to the natural passage of time and gravity, and some is due to our choices. What we choose to do with our body, which is our only reality, and with the earth which is our only home constitutes our quality of life. It is what we make it.” –Maria Kompare

Maria Kompare is a local multimedia artist who has shown her work in shows throughout the U.S., includingthe National Collage Society and National Association of Women Artists, and in Italy at the Siena Art Institute. Kompare has work in the permanent collection at San Juan College, supports the San Juan Symphony, and has served on the board of the Northwest New Mexico Arts Council.

“When asked by the Fine Arts Committee to have a show this year with Maria Kompare, I immediately said yes. I have admired her work for years and felt we could come up with something interesting as subject matter. The result is Subject to Change: Earth and Body.

Many meetings followed, quotes and ideas were put forth, and we shared stories about how we felt with climate change, the changes in our art as well as our bodies as we age. My son received a kidney transplant and I was diagnosed with cancer this past year. Lots of change in our house and our bodies. Working with Maria has been very stimulating for me; coming up with new ideas for incorporating my own cancer journey as well as the never-ending journey of how to garden in the high desert with climate change.

I am grateful to the gallery staff for their support and suggestions on the work, to my family and friends for their support and to the Doctors at The Women’s Cancer and Surgical Care Center. A special thank you to Tory Larsen for his tender support during this past year, to our son Tory for leading the way in helping me heal, and to Dr. Joel Webb for his amazing stories and wisdom. We are not supposed to do it alone.

May we all continue to wake up and take better care of this beautiful planet, our mother the earth. Blessed Be.” –Sarah Teofanov

Sarah Tefanov is visual artist, teacher, community ritualist, practicing Buddhist, Master Gardener and peace activist. She moved with her family to Farmington, New Mexico in 2000 from Montclair, New Jersey. Working in a mixed media format, on paper and wood, she concentrates on woman’s myths and sustainability. Her work has been in the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC and approximately seventy-five National Juried Shows as well as museums and private galleries.

Ms. Tefanov has led community rituals at retreats, for conventions, and creates private “rites of passage” rituals for individuals. She lectures widely on her work and has given performance pieces along with installations in the United States as well as the former Soviet Union. Collaborative projects, which she has conceived and executed have gone to Uzbekistan, China, Ireland, and Africa. She worked with students in Montclair Middle Schools to create part of the World Wall for peace at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Artwork designed by her was used internationally to raise money for Bosnian Rape Relief and locally for Breast Cancer Awareness. Her art has been used for wine label, book and magazine covers and the newspaper, “Goddessing,” and is featured in the calendars “We’ Moon,” “The Woman’s Date Book” by Syracuse Cultural Workers, and “The Lunar Calendar,” Published by Luna Press.

Sarah Tefanov is committed to working within the larger community to integrate arts, wellness as well as a sustainable way of life. In 1999, she designed the poster and button for First Night Monticlair, New Jersey. She has participated in and led woman’s rituals and drum groups and in 1995 she was honored by Monticlair’s YWCA as one of the “Fifty Women You Should Know.”

Sarah has taught creative process classes and led workshops in Women’s Mysteries in Seattle, WA, Montclair, NJ and Farmington, NM. These classes and workshops concentrated on storytelling, creating personal myth, and learning in a community context with the support of the whole group. They challenged the western view of artist-as-commodity-producer and linked up with the universal view of artist-as-vision-keeper-of-the-culture. Sarah’s creative process classes were featured in a film documentary, “Filled with Intent” by film maker Barbara Azzoli. She has finished a global art project: MANDALAS OF WELLNESS AND HOPE, targeting women’s healthcare providers and health clinics around the world such as the health clinic for the Tibetan Nun’s and two health clinics in Sengal. Her current project is creating Garden Shrines using the garden as a metaphor for what we all need to nurture and grow.

Upcoming Show- Fall 2017 Student Art Exhibit

SJC Students and Art Instructors

November 3rd- 24th, 2017

In the Fall and Spring semesters of each year, the Henderson Fine Arts Gallery hosts an exhibition featuring artwork created by SJC students in ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, 2D and 3D design, metal sculpture and digital media. Faculty artwork is also exhibited alongside students in this colorful and creative exhibition. This showcase allows us to exhibit the skills and techniques to be learned at San Juan College and gives our students the chance to promote their work and further their education in the arts.

Information for Students:

Drop off paperwork days: Completed and signed contracts with labels attached due: On or before Tuesday, October 17, 2017 by 7:00 pm

Drop off artwork days: On or before Monday, Oct. 30 & Tuesday, Oct. 31 – 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Exhibit dates: November 3-24, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION November 3, 2017 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Pick up artwork days: Monday, Nov. 27 & Tuesday, Nov. 28 – 10 am – 7:00 pm

Contact information for the SJC Art Gallery: westonh@sanjuancollege.edu or 505 566-3464

Fall 2017 Student Contract | Exhibition Schedules