Commercial Drivers License

Commercial Drivers License

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Commercial Driver License Certificate

Hit the Highway!

Do you like driving? Are you a safe driver? Do you enjoy seeing new places? The eight-week CDL composite program guides a student through obtaining a CDL student permit, learning about trucks and commercial driving, substantial driving practice, and preparation for the state CDL Skills test. Graduates are prepared to pass the Skills test and start driving professionally. The CDL job market includes both driving for a wide variety of local companies such as beverage distributors and water haulers and “over the road” jobs with interstate trucking companies. Students must have a current driver’s license and a strong interest in safe driving.

Drive with the best!

One of the best programs in the state, students have the benefit of not only training in a state-of-the-art simulator, but gain real world experience behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler on a training course and on the highway.
The CDL program training includes:
• Obtaining a CDL student permit
• State rules and regulations
• Safe loading and driving techniques, truck inspections
• Practice time in a simulator and on the road driving
“big rig” trucks.
• Scheduling a CDL Skills test with a certified state Examiner
• Contacts for jobs with “over the road” trucking companies

Start now!

Contact the program administrator or coordinator and get ready to embark on a rewarding career across the open road!

Download the Commercial Drivers License Program informational brochure
Truck Driving (CDL) Program

SOC Code: 53-3032.00

Program Information

Estimated Tuition $2,965 11-wk program
$2,300 8-wk program
Cost may require additional fees

Course Length

11 Weeks CDL State Cert in over the road hauling logistics
8 weeks CDL permit and license
Includes 2 wks on-the-job training

Career Information

Median Hourly Wages $19.87
Median Annual Wages $41,340
Projected Job Growth
Faster than average 5-8%
Projected Job Openings 404,500

Contact Information

Program Coordinator
Ken Johnson
(505) 566-3402