Dual Credit Program (DC) 



What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit allows a high school student from a public high school, private high school, home school, or public charter or Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) school to enroll in a SJC course(s). Students receive high school core and academic credit as well as college credit for the course(s) taken. These schools must have agreements with San Juan College in order to participate.


Who is eligible to participate in Dual Credit?

High school Juniors and Seniors attending  a home school, private school, BIE, or one of the following public schools:
  • Aztec High School
  • Bloomfield High School
  • Career Prep High School
  • Charlie Y. Brown
  • Dulce High School
  • Farmington High School
  • Kirtland Central High School
  • Navajo Preparatory High School
  • Newcomb High School
  • New Mexico Connections Academy
  • New Mexico Virtual Academy
  • Piedra Vista High School
  • Rocinante High School
  • Shiprock High School
  • Shiprock Northwest High School (BIE)
  • Vista Nueva High School

How do I get started?

Complete a SJC application. You can apply online for Free or fill out a paper application for a $10 fee. Application must be processed by the Enrollment Services office prior to taking the Accuplacer Placement Test. Student must provide valid Social Security Number on the application.

Which Classes Are Eligible for Dual Credit?

Click to view the Dual Credit Approved Course List. Students who would like to enroll for dual credit must meet with their high school counselor to determine appropriate courses. Students registering for courses with prerequisites must take the SJC Accuplacer Test.

What is the Accuplacer test? 

The Accuplacer is a Computerized Assesment Tool designed to provide placement for students wanting to take a college course. San Juan College uses the Accuplacer to help Dual Credit students know which courses they are eligible to take. If a Dual Credit students places into a Developmental course they are not eligible to take these courses. Talk with your high school counselor for testing locations and times. For more information and Sample Questions please refer to the Accuplacer Information Page.

What is New Student Orientation (NSO)?

As a non-degree seeking student Dual Credit students are required to attend a New Student Orientation.  Once you complete the NSO you are not required to attend another one when registering as a regular degree seeking student.  For more information on how to register for a NSO contact the Student Achievement Center (505) 566-3378 or refer to the Dual Credit Checklist.


Enrolling for SJC Dual Credit Courses:

Click to view the Dual Credit Checklist that provides a step-by-step process to enroll in an approved Dual Credit course(s). Students are responsible for following SJC's Academic Calendar and knowing all important dates and deadlines. These inculde start and end dates of the semester, add/drop dates and the date to withdraw from all courses with a "W" on college transcript.

Online Readiness Questionnaire:

The Online Readiness Questionnaire  is quick readiness assessment to determine if you are well-suited to learn online.  It has four sections/areas that cover things like technical skills, study skills, life skills, and course expectations. 

Each area has multiple statements and you will be asked to select one of the following:

•    Strongly Agree
•    Agree
•    Neutral
•    Disagree
•    Strongly Disagree

At the end of the assessment you are given a final score on the Online Readiness Scale as seen below.

Online Readiness Scale:

•    90-100: you are ready to learn Online.
•    80-89: you are ready to learn online but you may need to improve in an area or two.
•    70-79: you may be ready to learn online but you will need to improve in two or more areas.
•    60-69: you are not ready to learn online but with some improvements you can learn online.
•    0-59: you are not suited for online learning and a face to face class may be a better fit. However if you are determined and improve in several areas this could change.

Each area is also broken down as well as each statement.  If you didn’t score very well on a statement it is highlighted in red, and if they score high the statement is highlighted green.  This is a simple tool that is effective for any learner who wants to learn how prepared they are for taking online classes.


Required Enrollment Forms:

Enrollment Resources and Forms:

Completely Withdrawing from a Dual Credit course(s):

If you have registered for Dual Credit and are unable to complete your class(es), you must fill out the SJC Student Withdrawal Form. You must also discuss your withdrawal with your high school counselor.

How does payment work for Dual Credit?

SJC waives the tuition and regular service fees. The enrolled student's high school purchases the textbooks and pays for course fees. Home school and private school students pay for textbooks and course related fees.

How do I get my textbook(s)?

Books can be obtained from the SJC Bookstore or the SJC Library* (limited availability)

When you go to the bookstore or library to get your textbook you must have the following with you:

  • Current SJC ID with your high school name and graduation date
  • Current schedule of courses you are registered in

*Distribution of books from the library begins a week before classes begin.

For more information, please visit the San Juan College Bookstore website or call (505) 566 - 3260.

Benefits of Dual Credit:

Dual Credit helps students to:

  • Be more likely to graduate high school
  • Be more likely to enroll in a college or trade school after high school graduation
  • Be better prepared for college
  • Complete a degree program in less time
  • Be more likely to finish college
  • Be less likely to be required to complete developmental courses in college


 For more information and questions please contact Steve Wamel, Dual Credit Coordinator at:

505-566-3216 or email wamels@sanjuancollege.edu