School of Allied Health

School Meeting

Friday, July 27, 2007


Updates from the Dean: Oliver Borden

*      The Dean’s office will continue to schedule scheduled school-wide staff meetings during the coming semesters.

*      School meetings during convocation week will be Monday, August 13, from 9:00am to 11:00am. Location to be announced by Organizational Development. Adjunct faculty meetings/orientation will be Thursday, August 16th, from 4:30pm to 8:00pm. Locations to be announced.  

*      Please be sure to send any upcoming training sessions for adjunct faculty to Al Buyok through Mari. The sessions need to be added to the adjunct calendar for them to count towards adjunct continuing education.

*      AQIP: The Deans will be meeting with VP Tacha the week of July 30th to discuss which of the 12 Learning Initiatives to focus on during the coming semesters. Oliver asked for any suggestions from the staff as to which initiative they would like to be given special attention. This does not relate to the initiative already outlined by each department, but to the college as a whole. VP Tacha also plans to discuss “L13” regarding student retention and credit hours. The college is currently running 6% behind in credit hours. In order to receive funding the college must bring their numbers up 3%.

*      New Programs: Plans for the Phase I of the new building were presented. The new building will be located in the dirt parking lot directly across from the HHPC. The move-in date has been set at December 2008, with a class start date of January 2009. The plans will be posted outside Oliver’s office in the next few weeks. We are currently processing applications for M.L.T. Director, Surgical Technology Director, and E.M.T./Paramedic Director. Availability of funds has postponed the posting of the Director of Respiratory Technology position.  

*      Nutrition Lab: Dinning Services will begin moving equipment from the SUB to the Nutrition Lab during the week of July 30th. Due to the increased noise and traffic level, from to the construction and then from the kitchen operations, all were strongly encouraged to be as patient and flexible as possible. If there is any instance where the noise level becomes unusually high, please let Oliver, Diana, or Jon know as soon as possible. When Dining Services is finished using the Nutrition Lab, it will retain the commercial fixtures, serve as a backup to the main kitchen and be used as the Nutrition Lab.


Department Updates

*      Dental

§  Paula Spaight has resigned as Director of the Dental Program

§  Kathy Hunter has been hired as the 2nd Year Dental Hygiene Coordinator.

*      HHPC

§  Currently 100% staffed.

§  Chris Johnson is the new Member Services Manager.

§  James Pinckard is the new Administrative Assistant.

§  Marcel Bieg is the new Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation.

§  Cody Elledge welcomed his first child, a girl, into his family this summer.

§  2007 Riverfest and Kid’s Kamp were very successful.

§  Parking outside the Dental Lab will now have a 30 minute loading zone sign.

§  There have been several reports over the last few months of emergency doors being propped open. This has created a serious security issue. Diana asked that we all please remind the students that these doors are to be used for emergencies only. Special emphasis was placed on the exit next to the Dental Clinic.

*      HIT

§  Sandra Johnson has been promoted to Instructor.

§  Dr. Osbert Rodriguez has been hired as an adjunct instructor.

§  HIT is working on a Certificate for Electronic Health Records.

§  They are experiencing much success with the on-line program.

§  Full time faculty development will be a top priority this semester.

*      Nursing

§  Nursing now has all nine core faculty positions filled.

§  Phyllis Aguilera has been hired as an Administrative Assistant.

§  Heather Morehead has been hired as a student support instructor.

§  Laura Cotes has been hired as a student support instructor.

§  Laura and Heather are part of a new student support and retention initiative in Nursing to provide faculty with assistance in instruction as well as tutoring students.

§  Work is continuing on the LPN-to-RN bridge program.

*      PTA

§  Todd Thomas has been hired as an instructor.

§  The on-line program is experiencing a very high volume of applications. They are receiving four apps for every one position.



Emergency Preparedness – Dr. Julius Manz

*      SJC is exploring different ways to utilize the health professionals in the school in the event of an emergency/pandemic situation. Dr. Manz handed out a form for everyone to fill out regarding their training and availability in the even to an emergency/pandemic. All forms are to be turned into Mari, and will be kept confidential.



Review Plan for Establishing Committee Assignments – Oliver Borden

*      There will be a complete list of committees released in a few weeks.

*      Our goal is to be as equitable as possible, with at least one person from each department serving on a committee and at least two people serving from the larger departments.

*      We will be asking for volunteers first, and then depending on the response, assignments will be given out.

*      All were encouraged to volunteer for a committee that he/she enjoys.


Student Recruitment and Retention Issues – Oliver Borden

*      Allied Health was the only school that grew last year.

*      All were encouraged to direct students or faculty who show interest in any of the four new programs contact Oliver or Mari.


Space Needs

*      The following space needs were expressed:

§  HHPC is looking to add a day-care service as well as a women’s exercise room.

§  The HIT programs presence must be felt on the main part of the campus perhaps through better signage.

§  Space for students continues to be an issue. Suggestions were made to add tables and chairs to areas around the climbing wall and snack bar, in some of the hallways, and outside. These suggestions will be brought to Physical Plant. Emphasis was placed on being in compliance with the Fire Marshall.

§  Space for adjunct instructors is also a concern. Work space, computers, and space to meet with students are essential.

§  Many expressed concern over the classrooms in the new building. Many of the classes in Nursing and EMS frequently exceed the 30 student maximum set for the largest classroom in the new building. Concerns were also expressed over space being used to house labs that would not be utilized, such as the Intensive Care Unit lab. Oliver reminded everyone that the new buildings size has been restricted by the availability of funds. The new building will also be used a training center for the local hospitals, hence the inclusion of labs like the Intensive Care Unit lab.

§  Nursing will be requiring more space for testing students as well as more computer lab space.

§  All were encouraged to submit any ideas for extra space to Oliver or their program director.


The following items were deferred until the next meeting:

*      Academic Honesty Policy Changes

*      Criminal background Checks: Updates as Effects Health Sciences


The meeting was adjourned at 12:29pm.

The next meeting will be Monday, August 13, 2007 at 9:00am in the Zia.