School of Health Sciences

School Meeting

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Present: Mari Garcia, Oliver Borden, Dr. Carroll Schnabel, Sandra Johnson, Greg Reynolds, Todd Thomas, James Pinckard, Jason Curtis, Cody Elledge, Dr. Beverlee Rice, Ron Bonebrake, Cat Anderson, Christopher Johnson, Shawna Kemper, Carlton Downing, Georgia Romero, Diana Lang, Ann Clark, Theresa Stimson, Judy Panek, Melody Smith, Beth Carter, Marcel Bieg, Olivia Hodgins, Ken Kernagis, Jan Peel, Al Buyok, Nisa Bruce, Dr, Julius Manz, Bonnie Rung, Sandi Irving, Phyllis Aguilera, Sherilyn Oldfield.


Counseling Center Update – Ken Kernagis


Updates from the Dean: Oliver Borden

   Advisory Committees: Administration would like to thank everyone who volunteered to serve on the advisory committees. The progress of each committee will be shared with everyone as it becomes available.

   Student Advisory Committees: All departments have been asked to form a Student Advisory Committee to better address the needs of the students we serve.

   Scheduling for Spring and Summer 2008: All classes have been entered into DATATEL for the Spring 2008 course schedule. Students will be able to register for Spring classes sometime in November 2007. We will start work on the Summer and Interim schedule in the first part of the Spring 2008 semester.

   Hybrid Courses: There has been some confusion among the students as to what a hybrid course involves. Hybrid means a class that combines traditional in-class learning with internet instruction. To help clarify which classes are offered as hybrid, as well as any other non-traditional classes such as evening and late start, SJC will be sending out a test copy of the schedule to a small group of students. The test copy will split classes by location, time, online, on-campus, etc.

   AQIP Update:

§  L7 – Expand Online Offerings: SJC is considering an option that would open up the online world to more then just online students. For example, giving on-campus students the ability to review lecture notes and examples on-line to refresh their memory and assist them in completing assignments.

§  L5 – Expand and Fully Develop a Dual Enrollment Program: Dual Enrollment is when a high school student is required to take a course at the college level that counts toward their high school credit requirement and is still counted as regular college credit. The State of New Mexico is considering making Dual Enrollment mandatory. SJC will continue to build on the already successful TEC program to better equip high school students for their college careers.

   Quick Check: All Department Heads should be working on their AQIP Quick Checks at this time.

   New Building Update: We are currently working on the specifications for each individual room. This will ensure each room is properly equipped for the instruments it will house. The estimated completion date has been set for November 2008.


Department Updates

SJC Dental Hygiene students have been selected to appear on the cover of RDH Focus. It is a national magazine specially designed for Dental Hygiene students.


Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum

§  An offer has been made for the position of EMT Program Director. If accepted, the start date will be in November.

§  Though the skills labs and classrooms in Phase I of the new building will be mainly for the new programs housed there, they will be available to other programs in Health Sciences. There will be a full-time staff member hired to coordinate the use of the labs. Input on how the rooms are to be set up will be allowed from departments that will be using the lab space. Phase II of the project will focus mainly on the Respiratory program which will be funded by the Department of Labor Grant. There has not been a final decision made on what will be housed in Phase III of the project.

§  Parking will become an issue when the new building is finished as it will take up a large part of the overflow parking area. Administration is considering different ways to address this issue.

§  Students have inquired about a new Biology building being constructed on the HHPC overflow dirt parking lot. Though this idea is addressed in SJC’s Facilities Master Plan, it is not something that will occur in the near future.

§  October 19th is still reserved as a faculty inservice day, but a schedule has not been published yet. Once again all were encouraged to pass on any ideas for training to Al Buyok and Yvette Begay.

§  Saturday, October 20, 2007 is the Adjunct Learning Symposium.

§  As the Summer/Interim and Fall 2008 schedules approach, all were asked to pass on any ideas for creative space utilization.


The next School of Health Sciences staff meeting will be Thursday, October 18, 2007 at 1:30pm in room 9010.