School of Health Sciences

School Meeting

Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Present: Oliver Borden, Mari Garcia, Carroll Schnabel, Sandra Johnson, Brian Steen, Sherilyn Oldfield, Lisa Wehe, Kristeen DeVorss, Pat Everest, Laura Cotes, Shawna Kemper, Jason Curtis, Greg Reynolds, Cody Elledge, Christopher Johnson, Ron Bonebrake, Olivia Hodgins, Theresa Stimson, Beverlee Rice, Beth Carter, Carlton Downing, Karen Duncan, Judy Panek, Wendy Bircher, Georgia Romero, Dixie Stromberg, Diana Lang, Cat Anderson, James Pinckard, Marcel Bieg, Julius Manz, Ann Clark, Joan Arrowsmith, Bonnie Rung, Phyllis Aguilera, Ann Hardy, Heather Moorehead, Amy Copper, Doug Easterling, Cheryl Drangmeister, Jon Betz, Ken Kernagis, Stacy Bradley.


  1. Counseling Center Update – Ken Kernagis

a.      Stacey Bradley was introduced to the group. Stacey is in charge of new student orientation process. This process allows students to contact an advisor and register early for semester classes. Any questions or suggestions for new student orientation can be e-mailed to Stacey. The Counseling Center has installed a television in the lobby area that is running different presentations in a continuous loop that highlight the services available to students.


  1. Admissions Presentation – Cheryl Drangmeister/Jon Betz

a.      As a member of the Enrollment Management Task Force, Cheryl gave the group an update of the different initiatives the task force is working on.

b.      A handout and presentation was used to highlight three specific applications available through DAISY WebAdvisor.

                                                              i.      Degree Audit

                                                            ii.      Educational Plan Features

                                                          iii.      Clearing the Advising Hold.


  1. Updates from the Dean – Oliver Borden

a.      Mari Garcia provided an update on the Summer scheduling process. All Summer classes have been entered in DATATEL. Any changes or additions that the Departments would like to appear in the catalog must be turned into Mari by December 14th.

b.      Shared Message from the LLT

                                                              i.      The State of New Mexico is considering changing our baseline enrollment goal from 3.5% to 2.5%. This is due to the fact that High School enrollment is on the decline. The effort being made by SJC to increase enrollment are already showing signs of meeting or exceeding 2.5%. The School of Health Sciences, through the new and converted courses, will be adding at least 50 more students to the enrolment numbers for the Spring 2008 semester.

                                                            ii.      SJC is considering making a few changes to the holiday closing schedule for 2008 to keep in sync with the local school systems. One possibility is to be closed on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

                                                          iii.      To help increase Summer offerings, it has been put forward that any faculty members who are currently on a 9-month contract can receive an increase in pay if they teach a Summer course. The figure being considered is $915.00 per credit hour.

  1. Introduction of New Staff:

a.      Pat Everest, EMS Education Director

b.      Kristy DeVorss, Surgical Technology Director

c.       Brain Steen, Admin. Assistant for the new H. S. programs

  1. Department Updates

a.      Dental

                                                              i.      Three of SJC’s Dental Hygiene students are being featured on the cover of RDH magazine. This is a national publication.

                                                            ii.      Dr. Manz is a member of the Emergency Preparedness Task Force. He gave the following update: The task force is addressing how to make classrooms safer in a lockdown situation. One option being considered is to designate specific classrooms in specific areas as “lockdown rooms”. They are also exploring different notification systems for the campus. Everything from reverse 911 calls, to cell phone calls/messaging, to mass e-mails are being considered.

b.      EMS

                                                              i.      Pat is currently working on curriculum and state accreditation. The estimated start date for the Paramedic portion of the program will be Fall 2008.

c.       HHPC

                                                              i.      Luminarias will be Saturday, December 1st. Volunteers will be meeting at James Pinckard’s desk on the Friday, November, 30 for setting the bags. Saturday they will meet at James’ desk at 3:00pm for lighting. The food drive for ECHO Food Bank will continue up until the Christmas holiday.

d.      HIT

                                                              i.      HIT is continuing their efforts to create an Infomatics certificate program.

e.       MLT

                                                              i.      Mary Doshi will start as the Director on Monday, December 10th. The estimated start date for the MLT degree program in fall 2008.

f.        Nursing

                                                              i.      There will be 20 students graduating in December. The Track III LPN-RN Bridge program will begin in January, 17 students have been accepted into the program.

                                                            ii.      Interviews for the Admin. Assistant II will be conducted this week.

g.      PTA

                                                              i.      All of the graduates of the online program will be returning in the spring to attend graduation. 88% of the class has passed the licensing exam.

                                                            ii.      There will be 20 students beginning the program in January.

                                                          iii.      PTA has already received 30 applications for both the online and on campus programs set to begin in Fall 2008.

h.      Surgical Technology

                                                              i.      Kristy is currently working on curriculum and accreditation.

  1. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum

a.      Nothing was brought up for discussion at this time.


  1. Announcement of Next Meeting

a.      The next meeting will be during Spring Convocation (January 8-11). There will be more information to follow on the weeks activities.

b.      Mari is currently working on a schedule for the Spring 08 school meetings. The meetings will alternate between Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure a Vice President can be in attendance.


      8. Meeting adjourned at 2:25pm to allow staff to attend the new CNA Lab West open house.