School of Health Sciences

School Meeting

Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Present: Lisa Wehe, Dixie Stromberg, Cody Elledge, Sherry Paxson, Sherilyn Oldfield, Ann Hardy, Kristy DeVorss, Olivia Hodgins, Cat Anderson, Sandra Johnson, Carroll Schnabel, Shawna Kemper, Georgia Romero, Stacey Bradley, Heather Morehead, Jan Peel, Ron Bonebrake, Wendy Bircher, Therese Millis, Marcel Bieg, Josh Stratman, Jason Curtis, Beverlee Rice, James Pinckard, Brian Steen, Amy Cooper, Carlton Downing, Christopher Johnson, Diana Lang, Nisa Bruce, Melody Smith, Judy Panek, Kathie Delaney, Karen Duncan, Phyllis Aguilera, Ann Clark, Todd Thomas, Beth Carter, Julius Manz, Bonnie Rung, Theresa Stimson, Tim Warren, Oliver Borden, Mari Garcia.


1.      Vice President Q&A Tim Warren, V.P. for OTS

a.       The existing SJC Portal will be replaced by a more user friendly portal. The Active Campus Portal is now available through Datatel and will online by fall 2008. The new program will offer many new features including single-sign on.

b.      OTS will be switching the student body over to LiveMail. This will free up more space on our servers as well as offer students more e-mail storage space. The e-mail addresses will change, but e-mail will be rerouted to the new address for a time to help facilitate a smooth transition. This change should be in place no later than April.

c.       OTS is looking into purchasing a new course management system. One possibility is a program called Angel. It has several more user friendly features then the current system. When purchased the new system will run along with the current system for a time to facilitate a smooth transition. The cost of the new system will be approximately $25,000.00.


2.      Counseling Center Update Stacey Bradley

a.       The Counseling and Advising Center is currently going through their specialty and core advising files. Health Sciences careers are included in this category. For the students who have declared a major, Advising will be transferring the files to the program specific advisor. Students and advisors will be notified by letter when their letters are transferred.

b.      March 17th will start Advising Month. Students with more then 24 credits will be brought in to discuss declaring a major. This will allow SJC to lift any advising hold and degree seeking students to enroll early for Summer and Fall classes.



3.      Fall Schedule Update Mari Garcia

a.       The office for learning has issued March 4th as the absolute last day to make changes to the Fall schedule that will appear in the printed schedule. Departments are invited to proof the online schedule for any mistakes.





4.      Updates from the Dean Oliver Borden

a.       Shared Message from the LLT

                                                              i.      Hiring - Though the budget deficit is down to $600,000.00, hiring will be closely monitored to ensure proper funds allocation.

                                                            ii.      New Positions in Health Sciences

1.      Simulation Center Director

2.      EMS Education Clinical Coordinator

3.      Administrative Assistant IV to support both the EMS Director and the Simulation Center Director.

4.      Two Instructors funded 75% from Perkins and 25% Institutional funds.

                                                          iii.      Pay Raises The Governor has not signed the bill to raise wages by 2% yet. He is expected to do so in the next three weeks.


5.      Department Updates

a.       Dental Sherry Paxson has been hired as the 1st Year Instructor. The dental students will be hosting a teeth bleaching fundraiser on Friday, March 14th.

b.      EMS Nothing to Report at this Time

c.       HHPC Nothing to Report at this Time

d.      HIT The department is currently holding interviews for an Administrative Assistant II. New person should be able to begin in March.

e.       MLT Mary continues to work on course development and accreditation

f.       Nursing This fall Nursing will have 120 students in the 3- tracks, plus the CNA and TEC students, brings the total to approximately 380 students. The Nursing dept had the privilege of having the Executive Director of the New Mexico Board of Nursing on campus for a visit.

g.      PTA Wendy announced that for the first time in 4 years, PTA had a 91% licensing exam pass rate.

h.      Surgical Technology The first class is going very well. Kristy has 32 students currently working on prerequisites for the program.


6.      Roundtable Discussion Open Forum

a.       Is there an updated projection for the new building completion? Yes. There will be a bid opening meeting on Thursday, February 28th. If the project comes in on budget, the estimated date of completion will be Dec 15, 2008, with a move in date of Jan 2009.

A request has been made to begin rough line drawings of Phase II of the new building. This would allow construction to be completed by the end of 2009. PTA will occupy Phase II, with Nursing filling in the vacated space in the HHPC. Much of this depends on the DOL Grant and the GO Bond vote in November.

b.      What will the Simulation Center Director do? Will the position be budgeted for a whole year? - The Simulation Center Director will be responsible for ordering and maintaining equipment as well as coordinating the use of all labs for SJC or outside entities. The position will be budgeted for the whole year. It is estimated that the position will be vacant for the first quarter. If that is the case, the unused funds will be allocated for any unexpected personnel costs.


7.      Announcement of Next Meeting

a.       Tuesday, March 18, 2008 1:30p.m. Zia