School of Health Sciences

School Meeting

Wednesday, April 16, 2008




Present:  Pat Everest, James Pinckard, Heather Morehead, Shawna Kemper, Georgia Romero,

Cody Elledge, Brian Steen, Olivia Hodgins, Diana Lang, Bev Rice, Lisa Wehe, Jason Curtis, Dixie Stromberg, Kristy DeVorss, Nisa Bruce, Beth Carter, Sandra Johnson, Sarah Kennedy, Mary Doshi, Carroll Schnabel, Bonnie Rung, Judy Panek, Kathie Delaney, Theresa Stimson, Karen Duncan, Julius Manz, Joan Arrowsmith, Cat Anderson, Oliver Borden, Jill Carlson, Shelley Amator, David Penrose, Thomas Thompson, Dave Eppich, Stacey Bradley, Mike Tacha.


1. Testing Center:

a.         Jill Carlson updated everyone on Testing Center forms and services offered by the testing center. She provided staff with new post cards, and an updated “Instructions for proctored exams” form. Jill expressed the necessity to have form filled out when in need of proctor. Jill gave Testing Center contact email, The center also offers cheating prevention workshops. Any department or school interested can contact the Testing Center to set up a workshop.


2. Counseling Center Update:

a.         No new information given.


3. OTS Update

            a.         Shelly introduced David Penrose and Thomas Thompson of OTS.

b.         David discussed the implementation of ANGEL. ANGEL is taking the place of WEB CT. In fall 08 all programs that are completely online will be up and ready on ANGEL this includes HIT/PTA degree programs. David urged those interested in transferring courses to contact OTS so that they may attend orientation either in person or through online sessions. David informed everyone that OTS is currently developing materials that will be out mid summer for students who are confused by the two working systems. Goal is to offer software for faculty to be fully satisfied.

c.         Oliver advised that if any department was interested in meeting with OTS to please schedule time with them, as they are very helpful and are able to show staff a lot of things with our technology that we are not currently aware of.

d.         Shelly updated staff with two different OTS items:

i.          SJC portal will be replaced with new Campus Advisor system,

integrated with Datatel and SJC Directory. New portal is a lot smoother than current portal. Changes will have no effect on fall semester as old portal would be up still. OTS is keeping faculty concerns in mind and doing everything possible to make sure that changes do not affect the fall semester.

ii.                  Student email is being updated. SJC will convert to Microsoft Students email address will keep the suffix. This will give students 5 gigs of email space. This is free to educational institutions, can be accessed anywhere on the web. Faculty was encouraged to push students to using student email accounts.

iii         Shelly gave number to contact her at 566-3466 or David Penrose, 566-3350.


4. Updates from the Dean

a.         Oliver read document that he received from Mike Tacha. Loans available have increased for those interested in pursing degrees in different health professions. Those interested can visit for more information. Oliver stressed the importance of all completing degrees. Ann informed that the grants available are only for those completing degrees at New Mexico institutions only.

b.         Oliver updated on budget deficit email that was sent. Advised that we are going to have to change what we are used to doing. This will include attaching an explanation for all travel requisitions and requisition request.

c.         Oliver would like to schedule with Jill Carlson Cheating Prevention Training for

Health Sciences early next year


5.  Department Updates

            a.         DENTAL

i.          Students have finished national clinical exams. Next class has been accepted. Working with HHPC on the SJC smoke free campaign.


b.                  EMS

i.                    State accreditation is scheduled for 5/2/08. Paramedic program looks very promising for the fall. 85 students thus far for the spring semester.


c.                   HHPC

i.                    Smoke Free SJC email already has two responses, one staff and one student.

ii.                  End of the Year picnic is on 4/18. The HHPC has had great prizes donated.

iii.                Riverfest is in May and the HHPC will need volunteers.


d.                  HIT

i.                    Introduced new staff member, Sarah Kennedy, administrative assistant.        

ii.                  Expecting a large group of students to graduate in May.

iii.                Deb Honstead, online instructor, gave birth to new baby girl.


e.                   MLT

i.                    31 students on interest list.

ii.                  Expecting 6 students to be ready for the fall.

iii.                Courses approved by the curriculum committee.

iv.                Moving to 30th st. location, Annex building.   


f.                    NURSING

i.                    Just made selection for fall semester.

ii.                  36 students graduating this year.

iii.                Self study will be worked on until 2011; accreditation site visit should be 2012.


g.                  PTA

No update






h.         SURG TECH

i.          2nd semester is in progress. All students passing with A’s.

ii.         53 people on interest list for next semester.


6. Roundtable Discussion

a.         Questions about Nursing Director resignation, staff wanted to know when position would open. Oliver assured staff that the matter was being worked on between administration and him, and that interview committee would consist of nursing staff and faculty and possibly a community member in the nursing field.

b.         Sandra advised everyone that Medical Terminology Class is listed in fall schedule as permission only, and that all students should be taking HITP 110. Oliver advised that all should be in 110.

c.         Dixie wanted everyone to know that two students were accepted into the Nursing Program. Oliver stressed the importance of TEC classes, and getting students interested in health sciences degree programs in high school.



7. Updates from Vice President, Mike Tacha

a.         Mike had monthly meeting with high school superintendents expressed how proud he was of the Nursing program, stated everyone is excited about new building,