School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Present: Cody Elledge, Sherilyn Oldfield, Ron Bonebrake, Olivia Hodgins, Kathie Delaney, Phyllis Aguilera, Cat Anderson, Heather Moorehead, Shawna Kemper, Jan Peel, Beth Carter, Bonnie Rung, Brian Steen, Tammy Honold, Jason Curtis, Bev Rice, Marsha Bouchard, Nisa Bruce, Judy Panek, James Pinckard, Melody Smith, Josh Stratman, Kristy DeVorss, Mary Doshi, Joan Arrowsmith, Bobbie Steerman, Wendy Bircher, Debby Hibner, Amy Cooper, Georgia Cotie, Dalene Meek, Julius Manz, Carroll Schnabel, Sarah Kennedy, Sandra Johnson, Therese Millis, Karen Duncan, Ann Hardy, Deb Jean, Oliver Borden, Mari Garcia.


I.    Employment Enrichment and Appreciation Committee Presentation

RaeLynne Shropshire and Scott Michlin presented a video to introduce a new award being sponsored by the Employee Enrichment and Appreciation Committee. The award is called the Get SMART Award. SMART stands for: Supporting meaningful attributes, resources and teamwork.  Get Smart is a peer to peer, monthly employee appreciation and recognition program. To nominate a person, log onto the SJC Portal and click on the link for the instructions.

II.  Verifying Enrollment in Courses and New Payment Option – Cheryl Drangmeister

Beginning this fall semester, San Juan College has initiated a new student payment plan (Nelnet) were students can submit incremental payments for tuition and books. It is important for faculty to check their class rosters weekly, prior to census, to ensure that students who are attending but not on the roster, have officially registered and made payment. Those students who are not on the roster must be sent to Admissions and Records so they are officially registered. Students who are attending classes who fail to make payments will not be permitted to remain in class (unless the course is a late start course) after census date. The deadline to activate the student payment plan is Tuesday, August 26.


III. Advising and Counseling Center Updates – Ken Kernagis/Stacey Bradley

Ken Kernagis and Stacey Bradley were not able to make it to the meeting. Cheryl asked if there were any questions the group had that she may be able to answer.


IV. Shared Message to Your School from the LLT – Oliver Borden

                                            i.            Dr. Sam Dosumu-Resignation for Employment as Vice President of Instruction. Nancy Shepherd has been named Interim Dean.


                                          ii.            Program Review

The Vice President for Institutional Research and Planning has been charged with developing and piloting for the 2008-09 academic year a Program Review process. A number of programs and disciplines have been identified this year to pilot the process. The purpose of program and discipline review is to ensure relevancy, currency, and quality of curriculum programs at SJC so that completers will be prepared to successfully enter the workforce or transfer to four-year institutions. The program chosen in Health Sciences is Dental Hygiene.

                                        iii.            Assessment

Please see Attachment A for the points covered.

                                        iv.            Enterprise Accounts

Enterprise Accounts have been reestablished and the general methodology is as follows:

1.      Enterprise Activities at San Juan College represent those educational disciplines whose curricula lend themselves to hands-on training activities that yield products or services than can be “sold”—normally to the general community.

2.      The pricing of these activities normally include the cost of materials plus an appropriate markup to reflect the value of labor and indirect costs associated with the product or service. 

3.      Amounts in excess of cost of materials will be used for indirect cost recovery and/or reinvestment in the program discipline.

4.      Expenditure budgets and Fund Balance accumulations capped at amounts established by the Dean, Vice President for Learning, and Vice President for Business Services.

5.      Revenue budgets determined by difference between Expenditure budget and actual Fund Balance accumulation at the prior year-end close + 15% for indirect cost recovery.

6.      15% of actual revenue at year end will be re-allocated to the College’s general fund for indirect cost recovery.

7.      Fund Balance accumulations in excess of established cap will be transferred to Plant Fund for Equipment Renewal and Replacement at discretion of the Dean and Vice President for Learning.

8.      The cost of materials associated with enterprise activities must be expended against the enterprise expenditure budget.

9.      Transactions from Enterprise accounts are subject to normal Business Office processes and procedures.

10.  The funding methodology described herein is a pilot and will be revisited at the 2009 and 2010 year ends


                                          v.            Advised Registration – Wednesday, August 20

Advised Registration has been moved to Wednesday, August 20 to accommodate changes to the Fall Convocation schedule. Advised Registration is from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on the second level of the Educational Services Center


                                        vi.            Restraining Orders-Students in Classes

In situations where instructors have a couple (husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend) attending the same class, and domestic violence charges filed against one or the other, according to Tribal Law, it is the respondent’s responsibility to leave the class. Faculty are urged to work with the student to place them into another class until the situation is resolved. When these issues arise, it is important to contact and discuss the issue with San Juan College Security, either Director Billy Newton or Deputy Director Tony Jaramillo, as well as Dave Eppich, Vice President for Student Services. If you have additional questions, please contact Director of Security, Billy Newton.


                                      vii.            Rocky Mountain Rendezvous

In the past San Juan College has sent a small contingent of faculty to the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous each year; unfortunately, the event has been cancelled this year due to the closing of the host facility site. If a new site is identified in the future, we will once again encourage participation in this valuable faculty renewal activity.


                                    viii.            Fran Sandoval Support Staff Award

The Fran Sandoval Support Staff Award will be given at the Spring Convocation instead of the Fall Convocation.  In an effort to be as inclusive as possible in the nomination process, we will call for nominations again in late October or early November.  This will ensure that faculty all have a chance to make a nomination in case they did not see the notice this summer.  (All previous nominations from this summer will be held over and any new nominations will be added to that excellent pool of nominees.)  The selection committee will meet and choose the recipient for January. 


                                        ix.            Sabbaticals

 A committee will be convened to review the criteria and comments by which sabbaticals should be evaluated for the next application process.


                                          x.            Final Exams Schedule

It was brought to the attention of Scheduling Services that some challenges existed with the Finals Exam Schedule during spring 2008. In the very near future, information will be sought from faculty to assist in determining if the challenges were isolated to a few faculty in a few schools, or if it affected most faculty across most schools.


                                        xi.            Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX) Activities

The CTX continues to expand program offerings.

This fall, a Teacher Learning Community (TLC) for New Faculty is available and interested faculty members must sign up by Wednesday, August 20!

Look for the Vice President and President “Open Forum” and the new series, “San Juan Scholars”.


                                      xii.            Fall Convocation

Faculty are encouraged to attend the workshops offered during the Fall Convocation that meet their interest and needs. Except for “Campus Safety” and “Sexual Harassment,” all workshops are optional.


V.  Health Sciences Newsletter

The Office for Learning has asked that all academic schools put together a newsletter to help facilitate better communication. Oliver presented the first edition of the School of Health Sciences newsletter.


VI. Department Updates

a.       Dean’s Office

Oliver introduced Bobbie Steerman as the new Administrative Assistant for the new Simulation Center.

b.      Dental

Julius introduced Dalene Meek as the new Administrative Assistant II in the Dental Clinic. Twelve new students will be starting this semester; OLER was kind enough to host a raft trip for the new student’s orientation activity.

Approval has been given for Dental to purchase a new digital x-ray machine. Sherry and Tammy have recently returned from a comprehensive Academic Leadership workshop. Tammy will continue to coordinate continuing education seminars for the local dental professionals. She will be offering courses on a variety of topics relating to Dental as well as other medical professions.

c.       EMS

The State Program Accreditation did not come through. The EMS program has been suspended until further notice.

d.      HHPC

Josh thanked everyone for their patience during the gym floor refinishing. Four new facility managers have been hired. On a lighter note, Josh announced that Jason Curtis and his wife, and Marcel Bieg and his wife are each expecting their first child; and that he and his wife are expecting their third.

e.       HIT

Carroll introduced Sarah Kennedy as the new Administrative Assistant in HIT. Carroll also shared that the world of coding is likely to change in the very near future. The U.S. continues to take steps in adopting the coding system that is used worldwide. HIT has a very busy month ahead, as in

September HIT will conduct an assessment of all HIT curriculum.

f.       MLT

Mary just returned from a trade show in Washington D.C. She was able to meet several different vendors and discuss possible partnerships with SJC. Mary has received certification as a Director from the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. She currently has four students enrolled in Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science, and the Phlebotomy adjunct, Dorothy Ackley, will begin very soon.

g.      Nursing

Nursing currently has 51 first year students and 33 second year students in the AND program, over 40 students in the TEC/CNA program, and nine graduating from the LPN to RN program. The CNA students started the 11th of August. Nursing is currently trying to fill faculty position vacancies. Several of the faculty has recently returned from several comprehensive summer workshops on simulation and teaching skills.

h.      PHED

The online Introduction to Nutrition courses continue to be very successful, they are all at or over capacity. Bev is currently working on an AA degree offering in Physical Education.

i.        PTA

Wendy introduced Jackie Underwood as the new PTA Instructor. PTA has received 50 applications for 20 online program slots. Medicare will no longer allow PT Technicians to bill for their services. This development should cause a large influx of students at SJC looking to increase their degree to PT Assistant. SJC is still the only college in the nation offering PTA online. PTA is offering massages every Friday from 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. during to fall semester to raise money for the program. Call PTA for an appointment. There is a choice of 15 minutes for $10.00 or 30 minutes for $20.00. 

j.        Surgical Tech

Kristy currently has four students slated to begin Clinicals. She has 86 interested students and only 12 slots available. Kristy is also continuing her work on program accreditation and the mock OR and Sterility Suite in the new building.


VII. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum

                                   i.         Joan Arrowsmith asked if the HHPC will continue to have a snack bar after the new food service provider takes over. Oliver has not been given a solid answer to that question from Student Services. He has sent the results of our vote and also his own comments regarding the need of a snack bar of some kind in this building to Dave Eppich. Oliver encouraged everyone to send their comments as well directly to Dave Eppich so the issue stays at the forefront.

                                 ii.         Nisa Bruce asked if any decisions had been made to enlarge the current computer lab. Oliver has continued his communication with Tim Warren and Shelley Amator on this issue. Unfortunately there have been no new developments.  
































Attachment A



New Mexico has mandated that all colleges and universities provide the State Assessment Task Force with institutional data indicating progress toward specific competencies in five areas: Communication (Area I), Mathematics (Area II), Lab Sciences Area III), Social and Behavioral Sciences (Area IV), and  Humanities and Fine Arts (Area V).

1.        Paragraph from the Task Force Final Report dated April 30:

One of the challenges of this institution is its size and wide diversity of programs.  Creating a process that is “one-size-fits-all” would be inappropriate and would not meet the varying needs of programs.  However, without systematic procedures for carrying out and reporting assessment, we do not get a clear picture of the college.  Any assessment efforts should remain open-ended enough that programs and schools will be able to participate in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them, yet standardized enough to capture a complete picture of San Juan College.  Communication, active participation, and support will help toward achieving these goals.  (p.5)

In order to accomplish the necessary communication, participation and support, we need full participation and involvement from faculty and deans.

2.        Each school needs to identify assessment committee representatives from their school.  One person serves as a point person between the school and the committee.  Other members are welcome.  Identify members in time for first assessment committee meeting in September.


3.        Schools Action Plans will include:

a.       Identifying courses and outcomes to assess

b.      Mapping course outcomes to state competencies and CSLOs

c.       Conducting assessment in a systematic, scheduled manner

d.      Reporting results via school meetings and institutional forms


4.       The Assessment Committee with the Office of Institutional Research and Planning will develop a systematic method of reporting and sharing findings.  These will include:

a.       Random sampling of graduates to assess achievement of CSLOs

b.      Setting up a venue for sharing results – perhaps poster sessions/assessment day

c.       Report assessment results to the Higher Education Department on the state competencies within the 5 areas of general education.

d.      Include assessment results in the VP reports during convocation. 


Forms available include:

SJC Reporting Form

Mapping worksheet

State Packet, including reporting form