School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Present: Brian Steen, Beverlee Rice, Bobbie Steerman, Carroll Schnabel, Sarah Kennedy, Kathie Delaney, Doug Easterling, Kristy DeVorss, Josh Stratman, Cody Elledge, Stacey Bradley, Nisa Bruce, Judy Panek, Wendy Bircher, Therese Millis, Carlton Downing, Amy Cooper, Diana Lang, Julius Manz, Jason Curtis, Harold Tso, Oliver Borden, Sherilyn Oldfield, Mari Garcia, Mary Doshi.


  1. Advising and Counseling Center Updates – Harold Tso/Stacey Bradley
    1. Stacey Bradley informed us that at this point in the semester, the only classes allowing enrollment are late start classes. Please be sure to e-mail Advising and Counseling when the classes are activated. There are so many students who end up dropping a difficult course that need to find something to replace it to keep their financial aid. Advising and Counseling is now at the point in the semester when they will be going through student files and transferring them to each specialty advisor.
  2. Updates from the Dean – Oliver Borden
    1. Nominee for  the Team for Strategic Oversight – Doug Easterling, V.P. for Institutional Research and Planning

Once nominations have been received, a secret ballot vote will go out to members of each employee group. Once the members are selected, the President will then select an equal number of people from the three groups to serve. Doug also reminded the group that his office is still looking for committee members for the Program Review Committee. The Dental Hygiene program has been selected from Health Sciences.

    1. Shared Message from the LLT – Oliver Borden

                                                        i.            Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions Grant

San Juan College has been notified that they will receive funding for their proposal for the Title III project for the Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions (NASNTI) program, thanks to the efforts of Tim Schroeder, Laurie Gruel, Dr. Sandra Tracey. The grant will extend over a five-year period, effective October 1, 2008. Faculty and staff will be invited to participate in the grant as it begins.

                                                      ii.            Spring 2009 Academic Class Schedule Construction

Construction of the Spring 2009 Academic Class Schedule is underway and faculty should have all of their classes submitted to the School Administrative Assistants by Wednesday, September 24.

                                                    iii.            Fall Final Exams Schedule & Vote

Oliver received new information a few minutes before the meeting. He will forward the new schedule to each Director for consideration and feedback.

                                                    iv.            Annabelle Friddle Award

Nominations are due to Nancy Shepherd via Oliver and Mari no later than September 19th. Oliver will forward the requirements and the form to each Director following the meeting.

  1. Support Staff Development Committee Reminder – Brian Steen

Brian reminded all support staff to fill out the needs assessment survey. The feedback will dictate what training will be arranged for support staff during the coming year.

  1. Health Sciences Newsletter

September 2008 newsletter was passed out.

  1. Department Updates
    1. Dental

Dental will be attending the San Juan County Health Fair.

    1. HHPC

Josh is currently working to replace all of the emergency exit maps in the HHPC to an updated and more visible version. The HHPC will be hosting several events this fall for the public; the schedule will appear in this month’s newsletter. Diana added that the HHPC will be hosting a blood screening on September 28th. There will be a flu shot clinic for State employees on October 30th from 9-3. You must present your SJC insurance card to get the shot.

    1. HIT

Carroll will be running a late start Intro to Allied Health class this semester. The class was switched to a hybrid class with the hopes of attracting more students. So far it has boosted enrollment. Carroll and Oliver are also discussing running a late start Medical Terminology course. Currently all the Medical Terminology classes are all at or over capacity.

    1. MLT

Mary has seven students enrolled. She will be able to take twelve students for the next class. Because of the number of interested students, Mary will already have to start an application process.

    1. Nursing

Nursing is experiencing a significant shortage of clinical adjuncts. Applications for 2009 are going out on September 17th. The pinning ceremony for the Track III LPN to RN students will be on September 18th in the Zia. The pass rate for the 2008 spring class is at 94%.

    1. PTA

Another student passed the licensing exam leaving the 93% pass rate intact. Please remember that the PTA students are offering massages every Friday afternoon through October. Please call the PTA department to set up an appointment. The second online class will be graduating in December. Therese has three classes running on the new ANGEL application.

    1. Physical Education

Bev has submitted a proposal for two new Associate of Arts degrees. The first is Physical Education, Exercise Sciences, Athletic Trainer, and Coaching; the second is Health and Wellness Promotion. An articulation agreement will be set up with NMHU San Juan Center for a transfer option for those who would then like to pursue their Bachelor’s degree locally.

    1. Surgical Tech

Kristy’s first class has begun clinicals. The students are rotating between San Juan Regional Medical Center and the Surgery Center.

  1. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum
    1. Oliver asked each Director to please go look at the new promotional signs the HHPC has purchased. Oliver would like each department to order at least two.