School of Health Sciences

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



  1. Advising and Counseling Center Updates/ADA Issues  – Jackie McFarland
    1. Advising Day is Wednesday, August 19th. Any available please spend an hour or two helping students.
    2. There have been a few questions and issues that have come up about accommodating students with documented disabilities. Jackie explained the procedure we use at SJC and also provided a handout with the procedure.  
  2. Updates from the Dean/LLT
    1. Learning Initiatives
      1. As our institution approaches year four of our five year strategic plan (2006-11), the Learning Leadership Team (LLT) and the Executive Officers are re-evaluating our Learning Initiatives. We are of the belief that substantial completion has occurred with a number of our initiatives and that new challenges have emerged. A copy of the proposed timeline was distributed. All were encouraged to send their feedback to Oliver.
    2. Tier Funding

a.       San Juan College has received communication from the New Mexico Higher Education Department that the Tier Funding formula for instruction has been reduced (-0.39%) to the following factors.





Tier 1




Tier 2




Tier 3




Student Services funding formula has also been reduced (-0.30%) to $389.84

    1. Managing Adjunct Faculty Budget Line Item

a.       For fiscal year 2009-10, each school (and in some cases, disciplines/departments) has been allocated and each dean is responsible for managing funds for adjunct faculty salaries. In the past, all adjunct faculty costs were pooled in one line item. These funds have now been distributed to schools based on prior usage and school deans are charged with keeping adjunct faculty costs within allocated line item budget assignments. While deans have authority over their budget, less flexibility will exist in offering special topics/hobby courses, with a greater focus on offering program required courses.

    1. Enrollment Targets

a.       Class enrollment targets have been determined for fall semester. While many factors exist in the decision making process of keeping or canceling a class (including enrollment, number of sections, etc.), deans make the final decision using the general guidelines below:

Guidelines used for the Schools of Business & ITS, Humanities, Science, and Extended Learning, and some of Health Sciences (PHED, HLTH, OLER)

·         Program Required Class:                                Run

·         Minimum Enrollment:                                     12 or

·         Minimum Average Enrollment in School:      18

Guidelines used for the Schools of Health Sciences, Trades & Technology, Energy, and Health Sciences (excluding PHED, HLTH, OLER).

·         Program Required Class:                                Run

·         Minimum Enrollment:                                     10 or

·         Minimum Average Enrollment in School:      12

    1. Bookstore

a.       New rules and processes now exist for faculty textbook purchases. The link to the form may be found at:

    1. Modifications to the Core Curriculum

a.       Cabinet Secretary of Higher Education has developed the HED Core Curriculum Steering Committee to review, evaluate, and modify the common core, or general education requirements. The intent is to initiate changes to streamline the core for the benefit of students so they can progress toward graduation more quickly and efficiently, to connect academic values with the core requirements, and to develop a more flexible and less content-driven core that focuses on competencies. Dr. Andi Penner serves as our representative on the statewide committee and is coordinating with the Deans to obtain faculty input. More information will be forthcoming.

    1. School Fixed Assets Coordinator

a.       James Pinckard will be  the coordinator for Health Sciences

The primary purpose of the Office of Equipment Acquisition and Utilization for Learning Services is to develop an accurate equipment inventory that includes a useful life expectancy so the all equipment can be replaced on a regular cycle. This equipment replacement schedule will be beneficial in annual budget planning processes.

    1. CTX
      1. A copy of an email from Laura Kerr was handed out detailing the Fall schedule for the CTX
    2. Credit Hour Data/Summer Enrollment
      1. Copies of our Annual Student Credit Hour Data and 2009 Summer Session Enrollment Data were distributed.
  1. Health Sciences Newsletter
      1. The August newsletter was distributed.
  2. Department Updates
    1. Dental
      1. Dr. Bart Youngs, a longtime adjunct with the program, passed away on Wednesday, August 12th.
      2. The department is busy working on the Orientation Lunch, the accreditation report.
      3. September 18th  - Bleaching Day fundraiser
      4. The students and staff will be attending the New Mexico Dental Hygiene Summit in October.
    2. HHPC
      1. The gym floor is finished and it will reopen on Monday, August 24th
      2. The HHPC is hosting a special health promotion the first week of classes. The Health and Fitness Days flyer was passed out.
      3. Recycle bins have been placed in all the classrooms in the HHPC. If you find a bin full before the Thursday pick up day, just let Josh know.
      4. Josh also encouraged the group to park in the outlying areas when the Fall semester starts.
    3. HIT
      1. HIT and MTRN have both experienced a significant influx of new students. There are close to 200 students enrolled in their programs.
      2. HIT has implemented an electronic student handbook. The handbook tracks which pages the student has viewed and also requires electronic initialing on each section.
      3. Carroll shared her positive experience while participating in the Pathways Grant Faculty Immersion week.
      4. Carroll attended a special training on Las Vegas about ICD-10 and the effect it will have on health care in this country. She will be presenting at our next school meeting.
    4. MLT
      1. Mary is working on her self-study which is due on September 1st. The accreditation site visit is scheduled for the beginning of 2010.
      2. Enrollment in the Phlebotomy course is up significantly.
      3. Mary’s first group of students has started clinicals and will graduate in December.
    5. Nursing
      1. Jill Sutton is the Lab Coordinator for Nursing.
      2. Sandi Irving has returned to the college as Instructional Associate I in the Nursing Lab.
      3. Brenda Rust has been hired as a full time Clinical Instructor.
      4. There are 48 new students starting on August 24th. There is also a need for one advanced placement course this semester that will have 10 students in it.
      5. All the Pre-Nursing sections are full and overflowing.
      6. There is a NLN Summit in September that staff will be attending.
    6. PTA
      1. Their accreditation visit happened over the summer. The report will be reviewed in October.
      2. Interest in the program has skyrocketed. There are 20 applicants for the 20 slots in the on-campus program and 70 applicants for the 20 slots in the online program.
      3. PTA will be hosting two workshops this fall. The first is August 22nd on APTA Clinical Instructor Credentialing Certification. The second will be October 10-11 on Cardiopulmonary Assessment. 
    7. Physical Education
      1. Students are already registering for the two new degree programs offered in PHED.
      2. Bev has been busy finding replacements for a few adjunct instructors that have left us.
      3. Debbie Taylor, Dance Instructor, will be coordinating another end-of-semester recital for our dance classes. The CLC was not able to undertake it this year, but since it is so popular, we will we will coordinate the recital.
      4. Bev and Josh are exploring a few different options for drawing different age groups to the HHPC to exercise. One option they are looking into is using a Wii game system for intramural activities like a virtual bowling league.
    8. Simulation Center/Respiratory
      1. Respiratory has had a tremendous response to the request for clinical affiliates. We currently have enough slots for 30 students even though we only need 12-18.
      2. Interviews for the Clinical Coordinator/Instructor are done. There should be an offer made in the next few weeks.
      3. There are already several students who have shown interest in respiratory therapy and are starting to take the basic prerequisites.
      4. The Simulation Center has received and installed a 3G WiFi manikin.
    9. Surgical Tech
      1. Their program accreditation was received in May.
      2. Interviews for a full-time Surgical Instructor are underway.
      3. There are 50 students that currently qualify for the 12 slots we will fill in January.


  1. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum
    1. Nisa asked about the status of the background check documents we sent to the college attorney for review. Oliver will follow up.
    2. It was decided that the Director will meet prior to the TEAS Test meeting on the 28th with Jill Carlson. Oliver and Mari will coordinate a time.
    3. The full-time student credit hour load change has caused some problems for the Nursing students. They are now no longer eligible for the discounted HHPC discounted membership. Josh has sent forward a possible resolution to the problem.

Josh will provide an update at our next meeting.