School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Present: Jackie Sena, Kristy DeVorss, Ron Bonebrake, Cody Elledge, Olivia Hodgins, Cat Anderson, Beverlee Rice, James Pinckard, Mary Doshi, Carlton Downing, Marcel Bieg, Sandra Johnson, Carroll Schnabel, Julius Manz, Tammy Honold, Georgia Romero, Diana Lang, Carla Lich, Joan Arrowsmith, Jason Curtis, Sherry Paxson, Heather Moorehead, Wendy Bircher, Amy Cooper, Therese Millis, Shawna Kemper, Sally Lane, Jan Peel, Nisa Bruce, Bonnie Rung, Phyllis Aguilera, Chris Johnson, Ann Hardy, Mari Garcia.


  1. HHPC Snack Bar Plans and Q&A – Mary Wallander, Dinning Services Director – Sodexo
    1. Mary shared the plan for improving the HHPC snack bar. Because the original design for that space was a bookstore, the space must be properly updated for food service. The power supply is not adequate for operating food service equipment. The plumbing with also require work to accommodate the new equipment. She also shared planned menu offerings and operating hours.
  2. Health Sciences Newsletter
    1. The January 2009 newsletter was distributed to all attendees.
  3. Advised Registration

a.       Health Sciences needs volunteers to cover 11:00 a.m. to 2:00p.m. and 3:00 p.m.       to 5:00 p.m. Please let Mari know if you can cover a portion of the times listed.

  1. Department Updates
    1. Dental

Dental has completed all installation if their new digital x-ray equipment.

    1. HHPC

No update

    1. HIT

No update

    1. MLT

Moving into the new building has been delayed by about three weeks. Classes should begin in the new facility at the beginning of February.

    1. Nursing

Nursing sent out one hundred-ninety applications, sixty have been returned. Forty-two to forty-four slots are available. 

    1. PTA

Twenty-one online students and nine on-campus students have been officially selected to enter the program.

    1. Physical Education

No update

    1. Surgical Tech

Kristy introduced Jackie Sena as the new Administrative Assistant for Surgical Technology and MLT.

VII.    Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum

a.       Nisa asked how long the intersection connecting the HHPC to the ESB will be blocked.

Answer: According to Linda Baker, Physical Plant is expecting it to be open by the 16th.