School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Monday, April 27, 2009



Present: Stacey Bradley, Harold Tso, Ron Bonebrake, Cody Elledge, Beverlee Rice, Kathie Delaney, Sherilyn Oldfield, Julius Manz, Tammy Honold, Carroll Schnabel, Sandra Johnson, Mary Doshi, Jackie Sena, Henry Oh, Diana Lang, Nisa Bruce, Carlton Downing, Phyllis Aguilera, Wendy Bircher, Amy Cooper, James Pinckard, Josh Stratman, Kristeen DeVorss, Oliver Borden, Tim Schroeder, Tonya Nelson, Mari Garcia


  1. Advising and Counseling Center Updates – Harold Tso/Stacey Bradley
    1. Stacey and Harold asked that we remind the students to see their advisors as a general reminder for any holds to be released. They also asked that we please send them the dates that our program advisors will be on campus through the summer. Summer enrollment is off to a great start, a large number of classes filled the first week of registration. If we decide to add any extra courses or any late start classes, please let ACC know so they can point students to those sections. Oliver added that any classes that are set up to take only a small number of students requires adequate justification.
  2. Pathways Grant – Cultural Immersion* – Tim Schroeder/Tonya Nelson
    1. Tim and Tonya discussed the Faculty Cultural Emersion program that is coming up this summer. They passed out a brochure with details. Oliver reminded everyone that the Pathways grant is not restricted to the Native American students but to any special population.
  3. Assessment Committee Update – Tammy Honold
    1. Tammy Honold is the Assessment Committee representative for the School of Health Sciences. She talked about the current project that examines randomly selected final projects for many different courses across campus to determine if the students are being taught effectively and in accordance with course objectives. May 27th the committee will go through the submissions. She also encouraged anyone with questions about assessment or the current project to come see her.
    2. Tammy also updated the group on the activities of the Writing Center. John Watts is working on several different projects/workshops to help our students maintain their writing skills. The WC can also work one-on-one with students on specific assignments or proofread assignments for students who are having a hard time. If there is something in particular that we would like to see offered, please let her know.
  4. Updates from the Dean/LLT – Oliver Borden
    1. Budget: The Directors have each received their budgets. Oliver asked that each department please look over their budgets carefully, especially the personnel portion. Some significant differences have already been found that require extra research. He will be available after the meeting to go over any items the Directors have found. 


  1. Health Sciences Newsletter
    1. The April Newsletter was distributed. The April issue will be the last for the 08/09 school year. The school meeting schedule for fall semester should be out late May.
  2. Department Updates
    1. Dental: They have accepted the class of 2011. There will be a garage sale fundraiser for their student association on May 29th. Details can be found in the newsletter. The pinning ceremony will be May 8th at 7:00pm. There are also bleaching kits left over from the last fundraiser if anyone is interested.
    2. HHPC: Along with the event listed in the newsletter, Diana talked about the blood screening coming up and Riverfest. New appliances for the Nutrition lab have been approved for this year. Installation will begin very soon.
    3. HIT: They are very busy keeping registration going, sections are filling up very fast. The department is also working on the first wave of curriculum changes to add another track to the degree program. There will now be a focus on coding and one on electronic health records.
    4. MLT: Mary is very busy with classes and getting the lab ready for the open house. She has a small group of students starting clinicals in June with the rest beginning in the fall. The summer Phlebotomy class is already full and the fall section is also filling up already.
    5. Nursing: They have accepted 44 students for the fall class. The pinning ceremony and graduation luncheon will be May 5th and 7th. They are also busy with curriculum/selection process changes, and accreditation.
    6. PTA: The second year online students were on campus April 8th-18th. The first year online students were here April 19th-26th. Their accreditation self-study is complete and going through the signature process. Wendy will be mailing it on May 4th.

g.      Physical Education:  Two new degrees have been approved by the Curriculum Committee. The first is Physical Education, Exercise Sciences, Athletic Trainer, and Coaching; the second is Health and Wellness Promotion. An articulation agreement will be set up with New Mexico Highlands University-San Juan Center to provide a transfer option for those who would like to pursue their Bachelor’s degree in Farmington.

    1. Simulation Center/Respiratory: Henry is busy getting the Simulation Center ready for the open house on April 29th and 30th. The first CE seminar held on the 25th had 20 attendees.   
    2. Surgical Tech: The final word on the request for accreditation should come though on May 15th. Kristy and Betty will be attending the National AST conference this summer is Las Vegas. Kristy also commented that there are so many students interested in the program; she could fill four classes right now.
  1. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum
    1. Nisa talked about the recent projections put out by the Department of Workforce Solutions. With the economic situation, there is a significant number for retirees re-entering the workforce or electing not to retire. This is causing some concern for the Higher Education because that means that there are less opportunities for their graduates to find positions. Nisa expressed that SJRMC has not been affected to the degree that they have stopped hiring, but there are not as many open positions as before.