School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Present: Jackie Sena, Georgia Romero, Heather Moorehead, Kathie Delaney, Sherilyn Oldfield, Judy Panek, Roxana Johnson, Henry Oh, Olivia Hodgson, Jason Curtis, Brenda Rust, Bev Rice, Beth Carter, Nisa Bruce, James Pinckard, Julius Manz, Josh Stratman, Wendy Bircher, Phyllis Aguilera, Joan Arrowsmith, Karen Duncan, Marcel Bieg, Marsha Bouchard, Carla Lich, Christopher Johnson, Bonnie Rung, Carroll Schnabel, Sarah Kennedy, Mari Garcia, Oliver Borden.


  1. Four Corners Conference – Nancy Shepherd
    1. Nancy encouraged attendance to the upcoming Four Corners Professional Conference on “Inspired Leadership in Trying Times”. SJC employees are able to attend at no cost to the departments. Nancy also shared the scholarship opportunities available to students and staff.    
  2. Transition Center – Jeanne Kofron
    1. The Transition Center has been established to aid students that are facing career and/or personal changes like transferring to a four-year institution or changing majors.
  3. EDGE Program – Christy Ferrato
    1. The EDGE Program is a Student Support Services program. Students considered first generation, income challenged, have a documented physical or learning disability, or may not have guidance to get them through college are eligible for services. EDGE focuses on being a partner and mentor that offers supportive services, workshops, recruitment campus visits to area universities, a variety of trips to build friendships and connections, and experiences designed to develop the students academically, personally, and professionally.
  4. Updates from the Dean/LLT
    1. Admissions has developed a Substitution Waiver form. The new form was distributed to each program advisor.
    2. The Emergency Management Committee has been meeting to discuss the H1N1 virus and it effects on this institution. Oliver asked that each instructor start thinking about how they could carry on classes in the event of a pandemic causing massive attrition or closure. 
  5. Health Sciences Newsletter
    1. The September Newsletter was distributed.
  6. Department Updates
    1. Dental
      1. The Students will be selling bleaching trays on Friday, October 18th.
    2. HHPC
      1. The special week of activity yielded 127 new people that had never been to the HHPC and the competitions were very well supported.
    3. HIT
      1. HIT has developed a new application and selection process.
    4. MLT
      1. The NAACLS has recognized our MLT program as a “serious candidate for accreditation”. The site review team will be visiting the campus in February 2010.
    5. Nursing
      1. Nursing received approval of their curriculum changes from the Curriculum Committee on September 3. The changes will become effective next fall.
      2. Brenda Rust has been hired as a full-time Clinical Instructor
    6. PTA
      1. The Online Students will be graduating after the fall semester.
      2. Physics has been dropped from the curriculum.
      3. The students will be offering chair massages on Mondays and Fridays from 12:30 to 2:30 in the HHPC lobby.


    1. Physical Education
      1. Parkour and Modern Dance have been added to the list of class offerings.
      2. Bev and Josh have ordered the Wii games systems for use in Intramural Sports
    2. Simulation Center/Respiratory  
      1. Roxana Johnson has been hired as the Administrative Assistant III for the Simulation Center and Respiratory. John Kirkpatrick has been hired as the Clinical Coordinator for Respiratory.
      2. The Nursing students have started running simulations in the skills suites.
      3. Henry thanked Nisa, Bev and Wendy for their help on his curriculum development. The courses have been approved by the Curriculum Committee.
      4. We have received initial approval from CoARC for the Respiratory Program. Next, Henry will be working on the Self-Study to be submitted in January.
    3. Surgical Tech
      1. The students are all in clinicals.
      2. The AST NM State Assembly will be hosting a workshop on October 3. Continuing education credit will be available to Nurses and Surgical Technologists.
  1. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum
    1. Nisa asked if anything had been heard from Student Services regarding the background check statement we submitted to Dave Eppich. Oliver is still communicating with Dave’s office on the status.