School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 22, 2009



  1. Advising and Counseling Center (ACC) Update – Stacey Bradley
    1. October is Advising Month. Degree seeking students should be making an appointment to see their Advisor so they can get their hold released and register for spring classes.
    2. ACC has developed a web video to help students remember how to use Web Advisor.
    3. New Student Orientation is Dec 8, 10 and 16. The dates have been posted on the ACC web page.
    4. If your department has made any program changes, please contact the ACC to schedule a meeting. This will alleviate any confusion when they are advising students.
  2. Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) – Ken Kernagis
    1. The BIT was formed to develop a better method for providing assistance to troubled students.
    2. On the ACC web page there is a link that leads to a page with all forms, FAQs, and protocols for assisting a student or alerting the ACC.
    3. The new reporting system will allow for better tracking and follow up. Patterns of behavior will now be more evident so the proper steps can be taken to intervene.
    4. There is also a section addressing protocols for when an underage student admits they are being abused.
    5. What about Online students that are distressed or threaten suicide? The ACC can assist online students to a certain extent. If a suicide threat is made, the ACC can take steps to contact law enforcement in the student’s area.
  3. Updates from the Dean/LLT
    1. Budget Update

The current financial climate in New Mexico will affect SJC. There will be cuts but we are not sure when. Oliver encouraged everyone to submit any ideas for cutting costs. There have already been some great ideas that have been put into practice by Administration.

    1. LLT Initiative Feedback

Feedback due to Mari on or before Oct 30th. Oliver will email the updated list to

everyone after the meeting. Not all of the initiatives apply to our programs, but the staff and faulty are still encouraged to submit ideas on how to apply all of the initiatives.

  1. Assessment Committee Update – Bonnie Rung
    1. CSLOs – The Committee will be continuing this project next semester. Requests for artifacts will be coming in the next four to five months.
    2. Department Action Plans – Each department is encouraged to put together a new action plan. The plan can cover a specific track in the department or the entire department.
  2. Health Sciences Newsletter
    1. The October Newsletter was handed out.


  1. Department Updates
    1. Dental
      1. The students will be headed to Albuquerque for the Annual Dental Hygiene Scientific Session October 29-31.
    2. HHPC
      1. The new equipment recently received is being installed.
    3. HIT
      1. Carroll has just returned from the National Convention. She shared a few of the major changes announced that will affect licensure and credentialing testing.
      2. The department has submitted a application to receive stimulus money geared toward the development of Electronic Health Records courses.
    4. MLT
      1. Mary is working on the last few steps in her application for accreditation process.
      2. The class graduating in December has designed their own pin for their ceremony.
      3. Applications are going out for the second MLT class.
    5. Nursing
      1. Applications for the Fall 2010 class are going out.
      2. Nisa is in Albuquerque at a NM Board of Nursing meeting. She will be presenting the department’s recent curriculum changes.
    6. PTA
      1. Five students will be going with Amy Cooper to the APTA conference in Colorado Springs.
      2. The new Records Clerk V will be starting the first part of November.
      3. The Online students will be here November 6-21.
      4. Track I currently has seventeen students and nineteen students will be graduating in December.
    7. Physical Education
      1. Bev was out sick, nothing to report.
    8. Simulation Center/Respiratory  
      1. Henry has been moved to full-time Respiratory Director. The Simulation Center Director position will be posted shortly.
      2. John Kirkpatrick, the new Clinical Coordinator, is already busy securing clinical sites for the first class starting in February.
      3. Indian Health Services has adjusted their clinical contracts to include all IHS hospitals. Our students will no longer be restricted to just Northern Navajo Medical Center for clinicals.
      4. SJRMC has asked to borrow the ventilators donated to us for this year’s flu season. They are also working on a proposal to provide six scholarships for out top six Respiratory students. 
    9. Surgical Tech
      1. Kristy will be returning part-time on October 26th. She is recovering nicely from her surgery.
      2. Eleven students will be graduating in December.
      3. Interviews are scheduled for October 26-28 for the new full-time Instructor.
  2. Roundtable Discussion – Open Forum