School of Health Sciences

School Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



I.            Updates from the Dean

1.      New VP for Learning – Dr. Sher Hruska as accepted the position of Vice President for Learning. She has already communicated her interest in the School of Health Sciences to Oliver and has a past connection with Healthcare and Experiential Education.

2.      Shared Message from the LLT

a.       ANGEL Maintenance Dates

In an effort to minimize the impact to online courses, the Office of Technology Services is scheduling, regular, major maintenance days in advance for  the ANGEL Course Management System. Periodic updates will continue to occur as needed.

For the 2010-11 Academic Year, ANGEL maintenance will occur on:

Monday, August 9

Tuesday, August 10

Monday, November 8

Monday, March 14

b.      Student Evaluations of Faculty for Online Courses

To bring some consistency in the administration of Student Evaluations of Faculty for online classes, the Learning Leadership Team, in collaboration with Online Services, has determined that effective Spring 2010, all online courses will include an electronic (online) Student Evaluation of Faculty component. The appropriate Dean will work with faculty to determine if the online course evaluation will be made available using the tools in ANGEL, or, Checkbox an online survey tool.

II.            March Newsletter

                  The March Newsletter was distributed.

III.            Department Updates

1.      Dental

The Dental Hygiene Program passed accreditation. The site reviewers were impressed with the campus and the support of all faculty and staff the program has.

All students have passed their anesthesia boards.

2.      HHPC

Closures: Saturday, March 20th – showers closed for retiling – Spring Break: The facility will close Thursday at 4:30 and then all day on Friday.

157 people have signed up to participate in the SJC fit club.

911 calls: If you have to call 911, please notify SJC Security as soon as you hang up. All HHPC, Security Staff, and Physical Plant Staff have radios and can help direct emergency personnel to the right area.

Golf Cart Safety: A staff member hit a student in the parking lot and then drove away. No one was injured, but legal counsel has been involved. If you bump into to someone or a car, STOP! Then call security. Do not leave the scene.

3.      HIT

Email update – HIT is still in the running for stimulus money to continue development and implementation of Electronic Health Records.

Carroll Schnabel will be retiring from SJC on June 30th. She will still be with us as an adjunct instructor teaching EHR online.

4.      Nursing

They are continuing to process applications for fall. There will be a total of 64 students starting in the two tracks.

5.      OLER

The program will be starting the accreditation process very soon. The current semester is the most successful one the OLER program has had. Our OLER program has become a “go-to” location for other schools to send their faculty to train.  The students will be going on a trip to Alaska. There are new guidelines for using public land for our classes. We must apply for and receive a permit before such classes can take place. So far we have been very successful in obtain the permits considering the rules and regulations are becoming more complicated each year. The program is working on curriculum development. The classes will no longer be listed as Special Topic 299 courses. They will each have their own codes and syllabi.

6.      PTA

The department is busy preparing for the online student labs starting after spring break.  

7.      Physical Education

May 6th will be the end of semester dance recital. Once again Debbie Taylor is coordinating the entire recital.

8.      Simulation Center

Jill has had several requests for tours. She is currently troubleshooting all equipment  to prepare for the increased use of the Sim Center. Mari is the keeper of the calendar for the Sim Center. Please contact her if you would like to reserve space for a class.

9.      Respiratory  

Classes are still going well.

10.  Surgical Tech

The current cohort has decreased to fourteen from fifteen.

Lubbock hospital hired one of our students that graduated last year.

The Surgical Tech Director from CNM traveled up from Albuquerque to tour our operatory.